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Wednesday 1 December (7pm-11pm)
The Paradise, 19 Kilburn Lane, London W10

Day Of The Documentary 1


The Park Keeper
(Louise Wilde) 5 mins
Working as a gardener in small municipal London parks, Louise kept a visual and audio diary over six months period and then condensed it into an animated documentary. U

Begging For It (Dovalas Febwick, Barry Langsdon, Henry Paris & Jean Boyd) 25 mins
The lives of 3 men who survive on the streets of London. This film tells it like it is & shows that humanity is still alive & kicking despite adversity. A unique, sometimes humorous, insight into the lives of the people we pass by. 15

City Gates (Alexandre Carvalho) 15 mins
The memories of Sao Paulo's downtown people during the 40s and the 50s, a period of time considered by many as the golden era. Featuring local celebrities like Vida Alves and simple people like Reynaldo Carvalho who worked as a hotel doorman for fifteen years. 12

The Curse of Jeff
(James Harris) 5 mins
Jeff, a practising Wiccan, explains how he has brought the art of cursing into the 21st century. 15

Las Vegas (Dario Illari) 7 mins
Las Vegas is the new short by Badly Made Films shot with a melancholic eye, a laconic narrative, and an original bluegrass score by ex-St.Etienne lead guitarist, Pinch. 12


Flick Knives & Forks
(John Clayton) 13 mins
Impressionistic short film about the eccentric English surrealist Anthony Earnshaw. 12

Gris (Nacho Crespo) 10 mins
A day in the life of homeless teenage girl in Venezuela. 12

Chilled (Jason Baker) 5 mins
Naturalistic but beautiful ride through a Greek sunrise. U

Ethiopian Light
(Mendeeu Diriba) 10 mins
Ethiopia 2004. Sintayhu and Hidaya have been living together for 13 years. Although one is a Christian and one is a Muslim, they have found love for each other that they do not feel is a conflict with their religions. Many in their society disagree.12

(Tom Hartney) 10 minutes
Hora documents a graffiti artist creating a large mural based on the Wildstyle logo. Shot on super 8 and Digtally edited with soundtrack by Death in Vegas- courtesy of BMG.12


Bang! Bang! In Da Manor
(Sean Mendez) 120 minutes
Hard-hitting documentary that delves into the underworld of violence and its effects on UK black communities. 18


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