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Thursday 19 August

Westway Sports Bar

Westway Sports Bar
Crowthorne Road
London W10
Entry FREE

The Mattress Rachel Maurice 10 minutes 15 

A young couples relationship in crisis with a chilling twist at the end.        


Golf Kills  Ed Tracy  15     


The Battle Of Hewll Patch Dillan Nicholls 17 minutes 15    

Two thieves. . patch. In the early Ď90s a legendary thief disappeared into the English countryside.


Chicken Tonight James Johnson 17 minutes 15      

A quirky insight into women of the night. Itís a brief glimpse into a day in the lives of two opposing characters and their relationship.        


Reflect Blake Goddard 10 minutes 15  

Costantly plagued by the loud noise of roadworks, a single woman is trapped within her flat.

Sam   Andrew Autoniades 10 minutes   15      

Psycholgical / supernatural story based on a young boy and his friend ĎSamí.

The Undertaker Flavius Pisapia 5 minutes 12A         

After he lost his wife, David struggles with his feelings over his wife memories and images often come to hi troubled mind.    


Trinity Beth Charlesworth 13 minutes   15      

An interior exploration of the crumbling world of one manís sanity, home & family.


My Loved Tobias Dittmann 10 minutes 12       

A man doesnít leave his apartment anymore because he can get there everything he desires for his way of life


Douce Nuit Nicolas Bertrand 15 minutes 12    

The 24th of December: Richard, a slightly gone in pieces model employee, deserts his wife and kid, just to fulfill his bossí desire and became Santa Claus.           


December 24th Luke Thompson 5 minutes U 

December 24th is the story of a young boy who tries to prove that Santa really exists. On the night before Christmas he sets several traps by the fireplace, in order to get his evidence.

Fate & Fortune Keith Jefferies 15 minutes 15 

A dark comedy of destructive coincidences. It follows the story of a repressed housewife who becomes fatally obsessed with a new car.  


Solo Laura Borgio & Naomi Baniel 13 minutes 15     

An exploration of a manís psyche within a heterosexual relationship in contempoary Western culture, focusing on the tension between conscious reality and unconscious experience


Presence of Mind Megan Karnes           10 minutes 15         

At the height of activity a Ďsectionedí patient, acting as his own counsel, outwits the Mental Health tribunal system and secures his release from care.


Makers Of The Dead Bob Short   85 minutes   15      

Ignored and abused by her zombiesque husband, Mina Harker makes a wish for a love that will never die and finds it in the form of the vampire Drake.



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