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Wednesday 18 August

Westway Sports Bar

Westway Sports Bar
Crowthorne Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Monitore Flavio Sciole 15 minutes U     

A man change programme          


KBN (Kill Babbo Natale) Flavio Sciole     13 minutes U          


Distrvzione Di Vna Video Camera Flavio Sciole 25 minutes U        

The destruction of a video camera in a project signed fs.     


Kristo Verde Flavio Sciole 30 minutes 12

A green kristo in a project of Teatro Ateo.          


Distruzione Di Vna Poesia            Flavio Sciole 3 minutes U 

The destroy of a poem      


Opera Im B/N Flavio Sciole 30 minutes  U        

Black and white in experimental action 


In Search Of The Black Opheus Ritchie Vuiti 10 minutes15

Black Orpheus is a Kegiah Jones record. Although the title is taken from the film Orfeo Negro, the myth of Orpheus transferred to the favelas of Brazil.


The Antique Dealer Mauricio Vincenzi     7 minutes U 

The eerie quest of an antique dealer through the streets of a dark London for the mother chair                                                                                                                                                                 

Sphere Roman Deingruber 3 minutes U          

Constructed out of two black and white video pieces of the same length without sound.


The Devil & The Fly Claire Fowler 10 minutes 12       

Inspired by an Icelandic fairytale, a domestic scene becomes the forum for an enigmatic power struggle.


City Apt Mom Peter Westenberg 5 minutes 12

An anachronistic and sentimental portrait of a woman trying to keep in touch with the objects in her apartment and with the city she inhabits.     


Unfinshed Symphony Lynn Loo 13 minutes 12          

The filmmaker expresses a pivotal point in her life in a way that she remembers it by taking a trip in life.


A Love Story Lynn Loo 5 minutes 12     

A short film made in response to an end of a relationship and the birth of mixed emotions.


Forlorn Lynn Loo 3 minutes U     

The familiarities is distant by the negative space.       


Finale II Reinhard Holker 3 minutes12  

Magic finale II


Wonder S.Macrae   2 minutes U 

A humorous rendition of Wonder Woman, the television series


Down Below John Gershon 2 minutes  U

Down Below is a short film of London with a poem.                                                                                                                                                               

The River John Gershon   3 minutes U 

The River is a short film of part of the Thames.                                                                       

Thoroughly Modern Millie Dawn Westlake & Richard Berman15 minutes15

Meet Milicent-Therese (“Mili-Teri”,to her friends), the first female French foreign legion Captain to be invited to the U.S. to carry out a top-secret mission!


Four Fine Artists Tom Doyle 45 minutes 15    

Five artist meet up in a field to draw something of the environment. They all belong to a painting club: opinions are discussed, resulting in an emotional climax.          




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