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Monday 16 August

Westway Sports Bar

Westway Sports Bar
Crowthorne Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Off The Wall Nick Fletcher 10 minutes 15        

Comedy shorts featuring Sid “Monkey” Fletcher.                     


Back To Earth Jon Sealey 15 minutes 12        

A new man in your mum’s life isn’t easy. Especially if your dad has been abducted by aliens.


The Greatest Escape John Sealey 15 minutes 12     

A French colonial soldier and his attempt to escape a German prisoner of war camp.


Puzzle Carl J Davies 5 minutes 12                    

He loves his puzzles and one night he makes a very special effort with unusual puzzle that will end in tears.


The Fusion Stunt Team Experience Fusion Stunt Team 25 minutes 15   

A group of teens are lost in the woods. They are confronted by a mysterious demon.         


Jour Ferie (Bank Holiday) Mathias Naffre 20 minutes 15     

24 hours in a woman’s life in Paris.       


Youthful Indiscretion Neuman Christian 20 minutes 12A    

Bruno a leader of a revolutionary activist group is back after he had disappeared for a long time.


Finale Reinhard Holker 2 minutes 12    

Magic final.   


Shindig Oliver Percival 17 minutes 15   

Three friends go out one weekend in search of a party in the country with disastrous and often funny results.        


Lilies In The Ivy Jorge Torres & Braford Willingham 60 minutes 18

Soon after losing her family, Lily is visited by a cult of amnesiacs who are trying to cure her of her sadness and at the sametime want her as their daughter of their own.


A Fallen Gentleman Astrit Hyka 10 minutes 12

A story of an artist who loses his self respect and dignity through the obsession with a woman.


Four Movies About Theft, Four Theft About Movies Paul Kristovic  15 minutes 15

Four short Vignette’s. No narrative. No plot.

Hearts Of The Storm Nick Fletcher 10 minutes U      

A journey back in time to the 2nd World War.   


CCTV- When Night Falls Nick Fletcher 13 minutes 12A         

A strange loner prowls the city at night.



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