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Monday 9 August
Westbourne Studios

Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Death Of A Cat Wolfgang Wilhelm 15 minutes 15      

A mad master and deranged servant kill a cat and his owner. Drama       


The Saviour And The Killer Alberto Scaicon 15 minutes 15

A drug addict boy meets a priest in a desert beach. Drama


The Video Tape Julius Amedune 25 minutes 12A      

Mr Watson is an overweight middle-aged man. The Video shop owner offers Mr Watson a film that will change his life. Drama 


The Boot Jake Proctor 5 minutes 12A

Michael is a selfish egotist. When he wakes up to find himself tied and gagged in the boot of a moving car there are any number of possible suspects. Drama


Roulette Richard Reay 15 minutes 18  

Carl and Caleb are looking to make some money. This is Russian Roulette, the ultimate game of chance. Drama


The Coup De Grace Ian & Dominic Higgins 15 minutes 15  

Will faces an agonizing decision, whether to let his friend suffer, or to end his misery, with one single blow of mercy, the coup de grace. Drama  


Iffy Paul Cons 15 minutes 18      

Iffy is a born entertainer but he is also a 37 year old heroin/crack addict. Refused his methadone prescription he sets out to raise the money to fund his habit. Drama


Chasing Jordan Arn-Henrik Blomqvist 30 minutes 18           

Young people crushed between a brilliant future and heavy drugs. Drama


The Importance Of Being Loved Nick Davas 80 minutes 18 Sonia, a 23 year old schizophrenic has been abandoned by her mother and abused by her father. Armed with only a photograph, she embarks on her search for her mother in an uncertain world of drugs, sex, homelessness and even more violence, as she journeys to clear the voices in her head. Drama   



Reflections Ivan Kavanagh 70 minutes 18       

The disintegration of a Dublin family. Drama   


Stillsland Philippe Briehl/Robert Tigier 30 minutes 18 The story of a man, who is confronted through the death of his father with his own past. Drama     




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