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Saturday 21 August
Westbourne Studios

Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Convent Way Kids The Making Of. Ariana Dal Cero, Gennie Rose, and Rebecca Jackson 15 minutes U 

A behind the scenes look at the making of a music video. as part of a youth project on the Convent Way Estate in Southall, shot and edited by a twelve year old student Rebecca Jackson. Music Documentaries           


City Gates (Portas Da Cidade) Alexandre Carvalho 15 minutes 12

The documentary portrays some memories of Sao Paulo’s downtown during the 40’s and the 50’s. Documentary      


Begging For It Dovalas Febwick, Barry Langsdon, Henry Paris & Jean Boyd 25 minutes 15  

Begging For It documents the lives of 3 men who survive on the streets of London. A unique, sometimes humorous insight into the lives of the people we pass by. Documentary      


The Gardener Louise Wilde 3 minutes 15 A day in the life of a gardener. Documentary           


The Park Keeper Louise Wilde 5 minutes U   

Working as a gardener in the small municipal parks in London, I kept a visual and auditory diary. Documentary 


What Colour Are You? Suzanne Smith 15 minutes 12A       

What colour are you? Black, white or mixed? A woman of mixed parentage sets out to answer this question. Documentary


Down In The Mouth Tim Saunders 5 minutes 12       

The first 4 minutes of an unfinishable documentary on a grisly accident and the years of anguish it has caused. Not for the easily squeamed. Documentary       


A Life Of Death Dawn Westlake 10 minutes 15          

World leaders say they want world peace, but at what price? “A Life Of Death” poetically explores the irony of waging war to establish peace. Documentary      


Anti George Bush Demo London 2003 Kevin Keating 20 minutes 12        

200,000 people demonstrate against the George Bush visit to London 2003. Documentary                                                                                                                                               

On The Buses Zoe Young 10 minutes 15         

As the bombs fell on Baghdad and London’s dissention silenced, three coach loads of people on their way to an anti-war rally at Fairfeild Air base were stopped by the police, searched as potential terrorist, then kidnapped and forced back to London down the M4, closed for the purpose. The court case continues; see the passengers’ perspective in this short film. Documentary


You Will Never Understand This Anja Salomonowitz 55 minutes 12A       

Three women: with their different stories of life, different narrations and memories they all belong to one family, my family. Feature Length Documentaries       


The Governator Alex Cooke 60 minutes 15     

In true Hollywood-style and after mush media speculation, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy for Governor of California on The Jay Leno Show on August 6, 2003. The Governator, a hilarious and insightful political satire tells the story of the most bizarre American election to date.Documentary


6.00 pm

An Evening with Metrodome: clips and talks

Independent film distribution and Metrodome  

Speakers: Audrey Sheils , Henrietta Ludgate and  Tom Grievson

6.05 p.m.

Short over view of the campaign for the film Monster

Director: Patty Jenkins Cast: Charlize Theron Christina Ricci

Powerful drama featuring a truly extraordinary performance by Charlize Theron

Monster trailer cert:15

6.10 p.m.

Short over view of the campaign for the film Bus 174

Director: Jose Padilha

BUS 174  is an award winning griping documentary that presents a compelling investigation into the hijack of a bus in Rio.

Bus 174 trailer cert : 12a

6. 15 p.m.

Short overview of the campaign for the film Spellbound

Director: Jeff Blitz

SPELLBOUND is an award-winning documentary that presents the intense, real-life experience of the National Spelling Bee as illustrated by the stories of eight driven, young spellers who compete for the top prize.

Spellbound trailer cert: U

6.20 p.m.

Short overview of the campaign for the film Vodka Lemon

Director: Hiner Saleem Cast Romen Avinian LaLa Sarkissian

Vodka Lemon is the award winning feature that expresses the beautiful romantic and entertaining adventures of Hamo a retired army officer.

The Official Armenian entry for Academy Award Best Foreign film

Followed by

Vodka Lemon trailer

Trailer cert: not yet classified

6.25 p.m.

Short over view of the campaign for the film Donnie Darko The Directors Cut

Director Richard Kelly Cast Jake Gyllenhaal Jena Malone Drew Barry Moore

Donnie Darko was originally released in the UK on October 25th, 2003 and became the highest grossing independent feature of the year. This is a wholly new Revised Version that will be released on the 27th August.

Donnie Darko the Directors Cut Trailer cert: 12a


Short over view and introduction to Harvie Krumpet

HARVIE KRUMPET is the biography of an ordinary man seemingly cursed with perpetual bad luck. A 22-minute claymation film by Adam Elliot, narrated by Geoffrey Rush.

Winner Academy Award Best Animated Short

Harvie Krumpet cert 15


Introduction to The Corporation

Director Mark Achbar Joel Bakan Jennifer Abbot

Cast: 7 ceo's, 3 vp's, 2 whistleblowers, 1 broker, 1 spy and 1 really big mess! With Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and Milton Friedman as themselves

In this complex and highly entertaining documentary Mark Achbar uses dramatic case studies to explore the impacts the corporation has on our environment, our children, our health, our media, our democracy and even our genes — and what people are doing in response.

Release date: 29th October cert:  PG

Edited 20minute clip of The Corporation



Any Way The Wind Blows Tom Barman 120 minutes 15     

Antwerp early June. On a sweltering Friday-afternoon eight people dream of a different life. There’s wind and music, peace and paranoia, hints allegations. There’s an ancient virus, a wandering frisbee, a dead horse, and, drifting through the town, an enigmatic phenomenon called windman who feels the pain of everyone but can’t seem to help himself.
At night a party welcomes all. Drama     



Inside The Circle Jaap Mees 55 minutes U

Indie documentary on leading Irish traditional music festival: Willie Clancy. Features internationally acclaim musician, like Martin Hayes (fiddle), Paddy Keenon(pipes), Noel Hill(cocertina) and great talent Zoe Conty(fiddle). Documentary



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