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Friday 20 August
Westbourne Studios

Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Innominable Laurent Notaro 55 minutes U      

Biography of Philippe Visson, painter. Art Documentaries    


Hora Tom Hartney 10 minutes U

Hora documents a Graffiti artist creating a large mural based on the ‘Wildstyle’ logo with soundtrack by Death in Vegas. Art Documentaries

By The Way Steve Coe 7 minutes 12A  

Told in allegory and metaphor By The Way is a playful and intriguing little story about the nature of change and transformation. Art    


By The Way (Remix) Steve Coe 7 minutes 12 

Abstraction of the first film. Art      


Bus Stop Stuart Pound 5 minutes U       A poem written and performed by Rosemary Norman is converted into a musical soundscape to accompany a London street scene. Art   


English Lessons Stuart Pound 2 minutes U    

Milton’s Paradise Lost as read by an animated but dyslexic monkey. Art  

Postcard Stuart Pound 3 minutes U      

An erotic postcard from Paris is processed into the moving image of a young woman posing beside her mirror. Art    


Quadrant Stuart Pound 7 minutes U     

Several high resolution images were downloaded from the internet originating from a cosmic ray observatory in Japan. Art     


The Fish In The Machine Stuart Pound 10 minutes U

The last in a short trilogy, a yellow puffer fish caught inescapably in some metaphorical world of mirrors. Art           


Strings Stuart Pound 5 minutes U         

Well known minimalist piece of music by Johann Pachelbel who died almost 300 years ago is used to invoke a landscape of vibrating strings. Art         


Blink. “Lawrence of Arabia” Elizabeth McAlpine 2 minutes U        

Taken from the classic scene in “Lawrence of Arabia” where two characters are intently shaking in an attempt to understand their situation. Art       


The Film Footage That Was Missed By The Viewer Due To Blinking, While Watching The Feature Film “Don’t Look Now”. Elizabeth McAlpine            7 minutes         18      

The entire length of the thriller “Don’t Look Now” has been watched and the frames where the viewer blinks are compiled together. Art   



Bowieart at the Portobello Film Festival

In recent years Bowieart has successfully hosted film and multimedia nights in conjunction with The Portobello Film Festival. Often one of the most popular and well attended nights throughout the festival, the collection of artists presenting work at the Westbourne Studios feature on Bowieart, David Bowie’s art website that allows the online community direct access to the talents of young artists, giving them the exposure they deserve at an important time in their careers. As with past events, the screening is sure to be a popular night with guests enjoying rarely seen work by a selection of exciting emerging artists based in the UK and USA working in film today. The most recent selection includes a mélange of wit, absurdity, twisted narrative, popular culture and escape into the downright fantastical.


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Derek Jarman: Life As Art
Andy Kimpton-Nye 60 minutes 15 Derek Jarman’s friends, family and closest collaborators pay tribute to his unique spirit and talent as a film-maker we may never see the likes of him again, as the British Film Council pursues the safety of genre-success and the Yankee dollar. featuring Tilda Swinton, Simon Fisher Turner, James Mackay and Chris Hobbs. Art Documentaries 



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