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Thursday 19 August
Westbourne Studios

Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Staircases Larbi Oumghar 45 minutes 15      

A drama about a group of boys living the cannabis culture lifestyle, smoking in the stairwells of the local estates and being involved in petty crime. Filmed by legendary local director, Larbi Oumghar. Drama


The Homies And The Popz - The Story Of The Compton Cricket Team Monica Magyardsy 70 minutes 12

The Homies And The Popz tells the extraordinary story of coach Ted Hayes, a larger than life African-American homeless activist trying to teach his team, boys from Compton South Central LA, and a lot of them Gang members, how to become great in a sport which they never heard of before: Cricket! As the story unfolds from a drab playing field in Compton to the manicured lawns of Windsor Castle and from Skid Row to Belfast, Northern Ireland, it becomes more and more apparent just how important, and for some of the players almost life saving, Cricket has become. Feature Length Documentaries 


Choices Wilf Macdonald & Nick Marq 35 minutes 15 

Teenage girl meets teenage boy. Girl gets pregnant. Shit hits fan. A Shepherds Bush saga. From the makers of PFF 2000ís The Real Notting Hill. Drama


The Plague 145 minutes 15                                                                                 Drama



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