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Monday 16 August
Westbourne Studios

Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Relax Hannah Robinson 10 minutes 15          

The urban myth of the couple who had sex on a train and got fined for their post-coital cigarette. Comedy      


Sheila Hannah Robinson 10 minutes 15          

Harry is a small time gangster. Sheila is the ultimate femme fatale. And together they’re stuck like rats in a trap. Drama           


Candy Floss Hannah Robinson 15 minutes 12A        

Love is like candy floss- it looks magical and sweet but when you bite into it it disappears. Comedy         


Night Swimmer Hannah Robinson 25 minutes           15       Now that they have moved from Malaysia to Scotland, Chinese couple Emily and Kenneth don’t have sex any more. Drama          


Flick Knives & Forks John Clayton 13 minutes 12A   

An impressionistic short film about the eccentric English surrealist Anthony Ernshaw. Art Documentaries


Three-Minute Stories Fernanda Trias 23 minutes U 

At the age of 70, Jaime and Eddie became something they never dreamt about: professional tango singers. Music Documentaries    


The End (Final) Jose Luis Motesinos 20 minutes 18 

Manuel earns a living as a writer of suicide notes. He manages to reach out to many people, all of whom are totally wretched. Comedy       



Short Circuit Films And Talk 120 mins


The Digital Shorts Low Budget Short Film Scheme from the UK Film Council is designed to support the next generation of emerging filmmakers who are both technological and creative innovators. The films must follow three simple rules; be shot on digital; be 10 mins or under and made for ?10K or less.

Join Short Circuit Films in screening a selection of the shorts followed by a Q and A.


Dir. Mat Whitecross. 10mins.

A day in the life of three illegal immigrants in the UK struggling to find a

job in the black market. Rendered powerless by their situation each

character faces exploitation with dreadful consequences.

NO 54

Dir: Iain Finlay. 7 mins

A game of cat and mouse goes horribly wrong for a bus driver on a power trip.


Dir. Jason Budge. 3mins.

An almost empty car park. Enter Skater Boy. Sitting by the wall is Bad Girl, the object of his teenage desire. How to get her attention? Perhaps a skate trick will win her heart? But the course of true love does not always run as planned.


Dir. Peter Peake. 4mins.

A man with no nose longs to overcome his nasal deficiency.  Observing his plight and various nose-based flights of fancy, his girlfriend attempts to rectify the situation.


Dir. Steen Agro. 10mins.
Naz is an Asian taxi driver, the kind who likes to keep his cab very clean and providing the best service for his customers. As he goes about his business, another Asian taxi driver is killed, apparently with a racist motive. Will the next customer Naz picks up be his last?


Dir. Richard Lawson. 10mins.

I AM DEAD is a tense harrowing tale of a dying woman's ordeal after her

estranged husband shot her and left her dying. Her only chance of survival lies with a 999 call centre operator who is desperately trying to keep her



Dir. Andy Frith. 9mins.

This is the story of Punch and Judy. Based on the 17th century script and

brought back to its original form as a contemporary piece of entertainment and social comment for adults.

1 AD Scott Pawley   60 minutes 15         

The son of a comatose doctor and the girl who lives next door find themselves in a media frenzy surrounding the doctor’s past. As their worlds unravel, they realise they only have each other. Drama         




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