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Thursday 12 August
Westbourne Studios

Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Gastro Show A Wehrlin 15 minutes 12 

Gastro Show is a caricature of a daily cooking show on a local TV channel. Drama          


The Best Policy Robert Andre 10 minutes 15  

They say that honesty is the best policy but when you’ve got two married couples, a few claims of infidelity, a couple’s life insurance policies on the line, and a loaded gun, the final outcome will be explosive. Drama        


Holly ­ Bolly Dishad Husain 13 minutes 15     

Two young film makers are forced to make the ultimate cross-genre film. Comedy        


Something Real Jon Rennie 10 minutes 12    

Reydon, A young man who spends his days playing “Battle” in a perfect utopian society, realises that he has grown tired of his faultless lifestyle. Sc-Fi Drama   


Whew            Jeff Newton & Benjamin Bates 10 minutes 15

A young girl finds hope and a way to escape her unbearable situation. Drama   


Retina Dan Reaney 15 minutes 15                                            



Storycorner David Fisher 2 minutes      15      

A macabre twist on the Jackanory format. Comedy    


Pigeon Trilogy Paul McAleavey & Carey Williams 15 minutes 15    

Story about a man who has trouble separating fantasy from reality. Comedy       


Toon Army    Paul McAleavey & Carey Williams 2 minutes 12 Spoof about offering the Toon Army (Newcasle United) supporters for hire. Comedy   

Castaway Nick Lewis 5 minutes 15

A comedic take on a shipwrecked man stranded in an alien land. Comedy         


6 For 5 Paul McAleavey 1 minute 12        A spoof advert for the Stella Artois 6 cans for £5 pounds advertising campaign. Comedy  


Superstar Ian Harland 2 minutes 12A  

An alternative music video for an abysmal dance track. Comedy    


Cowboys Paul McAleavey 2 minutes 15

A group of cowboys warm up for their biggest match of the season. Comedy      


Did I Do Wrong? Paul McAleavey 2 minutes 12A         

A short film about an odd encounter between two men on a beach. Comedy


Eastenders Paul McAleavey 1 minute 18          

Eastenders is a spoof based on the ‘Eastenders’ trailers. Comedy          


Rendez-vous Darmien Chemin 15 minutes U

Henry has got an appointment with death. He’s late. Drama


Christmas Dinner John Shackleton 10 minutes 15   

A grim Christmas fairytale about food, a baby and food, a baby, an 11ft python and a pizza cutter. Drama


Iota Simon Dennis 10 minutes 12         

Iota is the powerful story of loss and rediscovered communication within a remote and voiceless family. Drama     


Cash Flow Shaun Andrews 13 minutes 15

Where does your money go? We follow an everyman’s ATM deposit into the underbelly of a multi-billion dollar financial institution where minions sort through the transactions in a low tech sweatshop. Drama   


Vandriver Martin Wilkinson 15 minutes 18      

The story of an average day in the life of delivery man, Dave. Comedy       


Alien Invasion Hank Perlman & Hung Ryman 5 minutes 12

An important meeting takes place in an alien Board Room discussing the proposed takeover of earth. Drama


Dad’s Dead Chris Shepherd 7 minutes 18       

Through a series of ghostly reminiscences a young man tries to piece together fragmented moments from the past. Manipulated live-action mutates and combines with ghostly digital animation. Animation   


True Love Is Just Films Bernd Lutzeler 15 minutes 12 Bollywood spoof love story. Drama


Handle With Care Ross Srginson 10 minutes 15      

A nun on the run races to the airport with stolen cash and no remorse. Drama   


Gold Rachel Davies 10 minutes U

A surreal world based in the everyday reality of suburban London. Dance

The Entrance Pieter De Buysser 15 minutes 18         

A short film full of princely behaviour, presents and generous gestures. Drama 


Rifts Vicki Psarias 15 minutes 12          

A short film that blends comic drama seamlessly through the parallel lives of two immigrant kebab shop keeper’s families on one of London’s inner city high streets. Drama        


Victim Corrie Jones 13 minutes 15       

Victim is a young woman’s empowering struggle of hope for survival as she lives through the nightmare of every woman’s darkest fears. Drama                     

The Space Between James Kibbey 10 minutes 12   

Toby Mann last used the telephone one year ago today.
Now he’s trying to make a new connection. Can he get over his hangups? Drama          


Lammfromm Hanno Olderdissen 13 minutes 15       Psychiatry: the desolation of the barren mental institution. Drama 


And The Red Man Went Green Ruth Meehan 2 minutes 12 An old woman negotiates the hectic streets of London fearful of being knocked over. Drama     


The Fastest Man In The World    Richard Francois 13 minutes 12

A young athlete leaves her trainer the day before an important championship. Comedy        


Polish Your Shoes Sam Huntley 13 minutes 15         

Six London born brothers and sisters recall memories of their dead dad. Documentary           



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