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Tuesday 10 August
Westbourne Studios

Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10
Entry FREE

Aeroplane Man Alison Murray 5 minutes 15

Devised and choreographed by Jonzi D, we follow Jonzi on a quest to find a place to belong. He visits Grenada, Jamaica, America and Africa. Jonziís impersonations are full of affection for his fellow man. Dance


Ethiopian Light Meudeeu Diriba 10 minutes 12A

Ethiopia 2004. Sintayhu and Hidaya - a Christian and a Muslim have found love for each other that they do not feel is a conflict with their religions. Documentary


Killing Time Yas Taherdezah, Leila Reekie, and Jessica Rajua 25 minutes 12A

Documentary about South African Govt. policy on anti-retroviral treatment. Documentary           


Back Home-Roots Of A New South Africa Marc Kobler 60 minutes 15 Three men who were forced to spend years and years on Robben Island. After their release they are free to turn their backs on the island. But these three men return to Robben Island every day. Documentary        


The Great Dance - A Hunterís Story James Hersov 75 minutes U

The life of an African Bushman in the Kalahari Desert- Natures aristcrat. Supported by Survival International.

Feature Length Documentaries  


Bang! Bang! In Da Manor Sean Mendez 120 minutes 18Hard-hitting documentary that delves into the underworld of violence and its affects on UKís black communities.

Feature Length Documentaries  



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