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Friday 13 August
(2pm ­ 10pm)
Meanwhile Gardens

Meanwhile Gardens
Elkstone Road, London W10
Nearest Tube: Westbourne Park
Cinema Circus Tent

Entry FREE

Belle & Sebastian Fans Only 60 minutes U

Films from the popular Scottish beat combo               

Music Documentaries                                                                                                       

Fathers 4 Justice The Rising Kevin Keating 90 minutes 12A

Inside documentary about fathers fight for access to their children Feature


Goldfish Memoirs Cas Bean Cohen 70 minutes 12A

Goldfish Memoirs is a stylised and meditative film that presents a series of moments and events from the lives of five schoolboys.


Wind  Mario Sainz 13 minutes U

‘Wind’ tells the story of Olivier Barraw, a famous jazz trumpeter who travels to New Zealand to play in the Wellington jazz festival after one year off the stage.   


Soul Man John Heaney 20 minutes U   

Mancunian, Stanley accidently sells his soul to his best friend, Damian who turns out to be the Prince of Darkness. 


Hey Diddle Diddle Nonika Hendrickse & Vag Liviello 7 minutes 15

A study on the futility of drug addition. Drama   


Retired To A Life Of Crime Sigg-Rosen Rawlings 13 minutes 12  

The story focuses on the plight of the elderly in a world where committing crime is a means of survival!

Fictional Documentary


Sleepwalking Dominique Golden           5 minutes      15      

Sleepwalking features a young woman embarking upon a strange night time journey, in which her hair becomes spider’s legs and her sleeping body is dragged around the house. Horror         



Matrix Revolutions Warchowski Brothers 128 minutes Final showdown between machines and humans in the Matrix epic featuring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburn and the sultry, leather clad Carrie Ann Moss.




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