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Wednesday 11 August

The Paradise

The Paradise
19 Kilburn Lane
London W10
Entry FREE

“C” Nikos Dayandas & Grant Wilkinson 10 minutes U          

C” is a twist through a dream world - from the city to the sea. Art     


Come Afar    Dario Vigorito           10 minutes 15         

Real time recording of a thought crossing the director’s mind at the time of writing the script.Drama    


My Insane Sister Yan Kit Wong   2 minutes      15      

People are never aware of how the poor brothers living under abuse by their little sisters. Animation      


Diamond Eye Yan Kit Wong          2 minutes      15      

The magic Diamond Eye will bring the owner power to control the babes. Animation     


Sars On My Tongue Yan Kit Wong 1 minute     18      

Sars was a terrible infection in the world. One day I got it on my tongue. I will not wait to cut it off. Art  


Chinatown    David Borrull 5 minutes 12           

A  man spies through his hotel window in Chinatown. Animation   


Moonwalking Jutta Schunemann 5 minutes U

A little man and his dog on a journey through one night and one day. Animation


Alice’s Care Mai Yoshida  5 minutes      12      

War and Alice In Wonderland. Animation          


Superhero Music Dotti Colvin & John Shearlock 5 minutes 12       

Hogg Boss- the evil Chief Executive of a global conglomerate unleashes an army of hammer wielding skeletons and an ugly rock star. Animation


We Are Winning Don’t Forget Jean-Gabriel Periot 10 minutes 15 

How we struggle against exploitation and oppression. Animation.


What Barry Says Simon Robson 3 minutes 12          

What Barry Says is an un-compromising examination of US foreign policy. Animation     


TimeKilling Lela Budde 7 minutes U     

An experimental short film using found footage from classic westerns. Art


Leuchtstoff Michael Vorfield 13 minutes 12    

A film about light, shadow and motion: a play with definite and dissolving shapes. Art  


Sound Shadow Gray Pet Cat 13 minutes U     

An improvised audio and visual response to living in Notting Hill. Note: contains strobe FX. Art           


Cleaner Jemima Burrill 7 minutes 15                            



Mouthwash  Jemima Burrill 3 minutes 15                               



How To Make A Man Jemima Burrill 7 minutes U                  



Public Enemy Flavio Sciole 10 minutes U        

The Public is a WC. Art      


The Big Chilli Rachel Thorpe 3 minutes U        

A short experimental installation showing the true reactions of four victims who eat small red hot chillis. Art Documentaries


Retail Therapy Diane Larowska 3 minutes U  

“Buy Things, Feel Better”. Girl with banner. Art


The Dancing Woo Man Rob Munday 5 minutes 15    

In his roof top world the Woo Man dreams of finding someone to share his joy of dance. Drama     


Gris Nacho Crespo 10 minutes 15        

A day in the life of homeless teenage girl in Venezuela.

Fictional Documentaries. 


A Cityscape Without Her  Kohe Usuda 7 minutes U 

A portrait of the city of Toronto. Drama   


Las Vegas Dario Illari 7 minutes U        

The new short by “Badly Made Films”. shot with a melancholic eye, a laconic narrative and an original bluegrass score by ex.St.Etienne lead guitarist-Pinch. Documentary           


Chilled Jason Baker 5 minutes U           

Naturalistic but beautiful ride through a Greek sunrise.




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