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Monday 9 August
The Elgin

The Elgin
96 Ladbroke Grove
London W11
Entry FREE

Northcote Russell Hill 5 minutes 15 

There are many pressing issues in society today, most of which are un-answered. One particular issue is the effect of alcohol on young adults and this affects different people in different ways. Northcote hopes to be an example of this. Drama  

Evil Hypnotist Productions Showreel Paul Williams  25 minutes 15         

Showreel of the group’s creations so far and their new up and coming film “Paradox”. Drama   

Black Cabbages Giorgianna Violante 3 minutes         15      

A short non-narrative film composed of images that convey a feeling rather than an idea. Set in and around Portobello it is a brief compilation of suggestive visuals. Art   

Transvestite Days Shehzad Afzal 5 minutes 12A       

A reflective brief look into the life of a transvestite in Lahore, Pakistan. Documentary           

Plasma Mara Mattuschka 10 minutes 12A       

The Viennese Prater. King Kong is Rigoletto. Mimi Minus enters the hall of distorting mirrors. A film on the strange interrelations between a subject and the world. Art

Look Behind You Patricia Shrigley 3 minutes 15

Memories of friends flittering images come and go. This is dedicated to the memory of Fooly a Punk I shared good times with, as Fooly would say “Hardcore”. Art         

Koari Patricia Shrigley 2 minutes U       

Koari talks about Zen the currents of life, go with the flow and living for the moment. Animation

History Patricia Shrigley 3 minutes 15  

The Artist remembers what it was like being a Teen Punk. Art         

U Aint So Pearly White Patricia Shrigley 2 minutes 18

The Artist takes a look at Racism in the East of London. Art 

Boxy   Sebnem Koyuncu    5 minutes      12A    

Boxy is an experimential b&w short video film that brings a young woman’s perception and mind as physical experience, which questions the rhythm of her life. Art           

Japanese Box Tobias Tobbell 13 minutes 15

Takako becomes obsessed by a mysterious box following the suicide of her boyfriend. Horror     

Night Of The Living Dead  Richard Matthews 30 minutes 18 Jeremy Frantz is a member of the living dead, the butt of society’s narrow-minded prejudice, unable to hold down a job due to his putrid, decomposing body, feared due to his craving for human brains. Horror     

Dr Chicken From Mars Viktor Makurn     15 minutes 15         

Dr Chicken from Mars - a deadly alien- lands in Prof. Nadives flat with a mission to destroy Earth. Sc-Fi Drama  

Can You Keep It Up With This, That And The Other For A Week? Jan Manthey 17 minutes 15

Window cleaner Robin Evans has got more than a wet chamois leather on his mind. He loves women (birds). Trouble is that they don’t have much time for him. Comedy           

Black Frog David Ellinor    10 minutes 15         

Mildred and Fred lived a relatively humble married life until their world of routine turned upside down with the arrival of a small black amphibian in their sink. Drama          

So We Can Be Together Naomi Baniel 3 minutes      12A

On the background of disturbing worldwide media events, the intimacy of a couple is displayed. Art     

Three Bams And A Bairn Bruce/Finlay 5 minutes 15 Trainspotting meets three men and a baby. Comedy

It’s Up To You To Live How You Want Peter Leder & Mattias Denker 5 minutes U        

A music clip with strong roots to the lyrics. Music Videos      

Absolutely Alive Rocketchild Hulya Gezer 15 minutes 15 Telling about a punk band from North London. Music Documentaries        

Saltdog - Music videos Steve Walker 20 minutes 12  

6 x Music promo videos featuring mixes of sensibility and stupidity. Music Videos          

Sing, Sign, All Sing Natasha Morris 15 minutesU       

5 people singing alone to songs on their Walkmen.

Underwater World John Pitman / Steve Walker 3 minutes UCapturing the enchantment of marine life through breathtaking photography and music. Art


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