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Monday 16 August
The Elgin

The Elgin
96 Ladbroke Grove
London W11
Entry FREE

Piercing The Clouds Nick Fletcher 10 minutes U       

A film of the Red Arrows in 1980. Documentary           


The Longest Day Nick Fletcher 15 minutes U 

A film diary of working life on a farm in North Yorkshire. Documentary       


The Curse of Jeff James Harris 5 minutes 12A         

Jeff, a practising Wiccan, explains how he has brought the art of cursing into the 21st century. Fictional Documentaries        


The Councillor 10 minutes U                                          


X 7 minutes 15                                                                               


Ecotrip 5 minutes U                                                                      



La Plage 3 minutes 12                                                                  



Magida 1 minute U                                                            


Hipnoza 1 minute U                                                                                   



Fairy Case Tom Fulford 3 minutes U     

A stranger leaves a little more than just a discarded fairy case. Drama                                                                                                                                         

Dan Fante An American Writer Flavio Sciole 15 minutes 15

A portrait of Dan Fante, an American writer. Art Documentaries       


What Is That He saw? Kang Kyu Hun Gori 9min 30 sec 15



La Ballade De Serge Le Fou Anton & Anton Les Freres Gribiche 2 minutes U     

Voici Serge, Il Est Francais. Art    


Voces Argentinas Z.Young & D.Howitt 15 minutes 15          

As their economy plunges from the first world to the third, Argentines from Buenos Aires are not taking the mess made of their lives by bankers lying down. Documentary           


Home Movie Rachel Thorpe 13 minutes 12     

Home Movie is an experimental documentary about the impressions of a family history linked to a semidetached family home in London.
Art Documentaries 


Once Upon a Time Simon Biggs 20 minutes 15

Modern society is in crisis. An unknown threat looms on the horizon. Drama      


Small Creatures Denise Devoy 20 minutes 15           

To escape her parents loveless marriage, a lonely girl retreats to her insect city. Drama          


Hollow Course R.Treister 10 minutes U

This experimental short about London pigeons is a metaphor for the mindset of contemporary Britain and also alludes to the holocaust. Documentary 


London Through My Eyes Chapter 1: Sex and Marriage Jose Antonio Bascon 13 minutes 15         

Jose, a photographer based in London, has an affair with a model, and after it, he tells his Polish wife about the affair. Comedy         


Seven Days Stephen Thompson 10 minutes 12A      

Late Saturday night Liv is mugged. On Monday she spots the man she thinks may have attacked her. Drama    


Storytime Allan Houston 10 minutes 12A        

1958. Andrew’s family gets their first Television. On the same day the Koutsakis family move in next door.Drama      


How To Disappear Completely Steve Piper 10 minutes 12A

A young photographer disgusted by society, drops out to photograph nature. Drama          


Have We Met? Jessie Mac 21 minutes 15       

After finding an old photo of a woman, student Paul Budd meets an identical looking woman who could be related to the woman in the photo. Drama


Midnight Feast Kristine Landon-Smith 10 minutes 12 Feasting on left over trotters six restaurant workers talk of their aspirations and failed dreams while the boss upstairs counts his takings. Drama              


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