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Thursday 12 August
The Elgin

The Elgin
96 Ladbroke Grove
London W11
Entry FREE

Thursday 12 August (7-11pm)

The Elgin, 96 Ladbroke Grove, London W11



Savanna Pretty Lady                                                                      

Music Videos                                                                                               


Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery                                                     

Music Videos 



Music Videos


The Water’s Daemon Thanos Chrysakis 15 minutes U       

The Daemon of Water comes to life.


Pictures From Estonia Babette Herchenroder 15 minutes U Documentary                                                                                                         

A Summer In Greenpoint Martin Wilson 20 minutes 12

The Summer of 2002 in Greenpoint Brooklyn touching upon neighbourhood gentrification and local history, Polish hip hop culture and the traditionalism of the first generation. Documentary           


Remzi Cej: A Ticket To A New Life Ludwing Duarte, Erin French, Amy Joy, and John Hong 5 minutes 12A

This documentary is about the journey of a young man from Kosovo to Canada. Documentary


A Quick Show Shamgar Amram 5 minutes 12

Anatomy of a Covent Garden street performance starring Dr Philistine. Art


Exposure Peter Collis 5 minutes 12      

A curious and remote costal research site becomes a vibrantly graphic testament to impermanence. Animation           


Cyber Soccer Yan Kit Wong 1 minute 12         

How is a robot playing football in the space? Animation       


Opposite The Hotel De Romona Nigel Abbott 7 minutes 12 Short film noir about a young Frenchman employed by an American politician to watch his wife. Drama


Party At Albany’s Rocio Campelo 5 minutes U          

Carlos will have a weird experience with Lord Byron.



A Beat Of Reality Victor Quero 15 minutes 12 

Jim was a young successful writer who lost it all. He is going to face something beyond his own reality. Drama    


Beautiful People Tobias Tobbell 15 minutes 15

Surreal, pretentious and by a very arrogant director. Comedy          


Still Life Peter Bromley 30 minutes 15  

The curator appears as a buffoon- a fall guy to the greater integrity of the “Artist”. Drama          


Maintenance Tom Doyle 15 minutes 12A        

Two maintenance men work the graveyard shift in a shopping mall. Drama        


Lunch Annie Cowan 5 minutes 15         

It is lunchtime. Man is hungry. Man seeks food. Man finds food. Man not hungry when Seafood Woman tries to make him hungry again. Comedy   

Near Life Experience Cangardel David 10 minutes 12 Metropolitan way of life. Art


The Green Bag Factor Matteo Prezioso 5 minutes 15

One mysterious girl. Two wise guys. One green bag. A noisy employee. Comedy        


Big Snorre Stephan Leonard 5 minutes 15     

Who is Big Snorre? Why is someone looking for him? Comedy     


Spare Parts Sibylle Meder 5 minutes U

A travelling salesman presenting his latest model vacuum cleaner sucks out all the sound from his customer’s home. Comedy     


Sidings Nathan Hughes 10 minutes 15

Dark tale of a jilted wife’s bizarre revenge on her philandering husband. Drama


Grim   T.Paul-Worika 5 minutes U          

A modern fairytale, through rhyming narration, tells the tale of a lonely woman who receives a mysterious guest at her B&B. Drama


Mr Right Sharon Woodward 15 minutes 15     

Sarah is trapped in a Fairytale world of Mills and Boon Romance but reality is a series of embarrassing drunken one night strands. Comedy          


Sunbow’s Day In The Rain Dominlk Jun 25 minutes 15       

A bittersweet comedy about a young man who after a long relationship is once again thrust into the terrifying world of looking for love. Comedy


El Cruce (The Crossing) Carina Chela 13 minutes 12

The film is about that desperate feeling one has when you wait for someone. Drama          


Necklace Astrit Hyka 10 minutes 12A A story of a man who has to make a moral choice between two women. Drama      





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