Westbourne Studios Programme
Tuesday 12 August

Westbourne Studios 242 Acklam Road, London W10 6-11pm

Final Cut Pro Demonstration,
short shorts and class shorts.


Demonstration of Final Cut Pro by Byron Wijawardena from Apple Europe.


A series of short films made by Connections in Hammersmith for broadcasting on the internet.

Caroline Bridges 2 mins 12 Using eight girls from Hollyfield’s school in Kingston, this project examines the gender divide and female empowerment through dance. Drama

Anton Opanassenko 2 mins 12 Piccadilly Circus. A busy London scene with people passing by. “Life is a theatre and we are all actors in it.” Drama

Reset The Time
Joeran Becker 2 mins 12 A man who has been ruled by his drug addiction examines the last minutes of his life and wonders if it has been worth it. Drama

Here And Then.
Justelene Papacosmas 2 mins 12 A mini travelogue narrated by a person telling the story of how her family arrived from Turkey. Drama

Justin Aggett 2 mins 12 A poem about the struggles faced by young people encountering mental distress. Drama

Born To Be Wild
Laurent Mahe 2 mins 12 A prisoner relates his story about how he has experienced freedom within a prison cell. Drama

Life Echo From Earth
J Ofori-Anun 2 mins 12 This story is about the ensemble of sounds and rhythms generated by a community estate from dusk to dawn. Drama

Gods Of Destruction
Irina Horton 2 mins 12 Is aggression a natural part of human nature inherited from our animal ancestors? Drama

Graffiti Art /Crime
David Graham 2 mins 12 Graffiti Art is renowned as an international but controversial urban art form. But when does it become vandalism? Drama

London Postcard
Leticia Valverdes 2 mins 12 Fatima Ibrahim was the first women MP in the whole of Africa and Arabic speaking countries. This project follows Fatima’s life in London as a Sudanese refugee. Drama

Helen Togia 2 mins 12 This piece explores the theme of transmutation of living spaces through the presence and abscence of human figures. Drama

Perfect Parenting
Diliana Nikolova 2 mins 12 What makes a perfect parent? Fathers can provide the right stimulation to a developing child. Drama

No Heels
Suemay Oram 2 mins 12 This film shows you cannot have everything. It recreates unique moments of bliss when you can pretend to be what you are not. Drama


Don’t Look Now
Joel Mishlow 10 mins 15 How do you know that what you see is all there is to see? What do you do if events unfold around you and two eyes are not enough? Drama

Between The Wars
Emily Woof 10 mins 12A A poignant drama that charts the relationship between an asylum seeker and a war veteran living on the same council estate in London. Initial hostility makes way for an unlikely friendship as they realise they are both victims of war. Drama

Francoise Higson 15 mins 15 Two guys spend an afternoon on a derelict rooftop. Drama

Short, White, Pleated
Georgina Lock 10 mins 15 A young man falls in love with his squash partner's skirt. He borrows it in secret and falls in love with his instructor. Drama

Christian Dydgcer 15 mins 15 We follow the boxer Imran minutes before an important fight against the horrifying Igor from the former U.S.S.R. Drama

93 ‘Til Infinity
Daniel Watson 20 mins 18 Set in suburban Manchester in early 1990’s, 93 ‘Til Infinity charts the coming of age of Joel Wilson as he struggles to cope with a dysfunctional home life and peer pressure from wayward friends. Drama

Ashley Musgrave 15 mins 12 As merger-fever hits Rilton & Sons it seems that only the most ruthless will survive in this tightly-woven narrative exploring the tensions between the professional and private self. Comedy

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