Elgin Programme
Tuesday 12 August

The Elgin 96 Ladbroke Grove London W10

Funky Fast Shorts

Lewis Crichley 10 mins 12A There’s an evil general -General Siln who wants to rule the planet. There is a captured leader who Siln has let escape- can the evil general be defeated? Drama

Mayday The Search For A March.
L. Critchley 5 mins 15 Documentary

Danny Walker 15 mins 12A A man suddenly realises that everyone he meets is missing one of their fingers. Even his wife comes home with a missing digit. Drama

The Trio
Mike Hassell 15 mins 15 The film is a new and novel genre of a musical soap. Music Video

The Stain
Gabriel Caccamo 10 mins 15 A man is lying handcuffed on a bed. He’s alone in front of a mirror dressed in women’s clothes after a sexual encounter with a prostitute. Drama

Lies and Waves
Alessandro Negrini 30 mins 15 An old man has never seen the sea. A young boy in all his life nothing but lies. They will meet, find an ocean, and a new common truth. Drama

David Casals-Roma 15 mins 15 Jane and Andy are organising a luncheon at home. Impressing the guest is the main purpose for Jane. Drama

Ben Mourra 15 mins 15 In a desperate attempt to inject sparks into their 5th year anniversary, Claudia tries to surprise Frank by playing out one of his tacky fantasies Comedy

Behind Glass
Katrina Hatwell 15 mins15 A family conflict during Christmas dayDrama

Alison Young 20 mins 12A Boy meets girl. Girl’s not sure if she likes boy. Boy’s not sure if he likes girl . . .and the consequences. Comedy

Jenny Eugene 15 mins 15 Seema is stripped of her innocence when her new boyfriend Naz lures her into the murky world of drugs and prostitution. Drama

Azhur Saleem 10 mins 15 Gregory Lazarus is stuck in Limbo and is being questioned about the last moments of his life. The trouble is he can’t remember. Drama

Little Good Things
Trevor Hughes 10 mins 15 What happens when a complete stranger saves your life? Drama

Crouch End Confidential
Rachel Linehan 15 mins 12A Jane is desperate to retrieve her dignity from her ex-boyfriend. Drama

Esteban Mendoza 10 mins 15 A stalker chases a woman and it turns around on him. Drama

Malign Intellect
David Watts 20 mins 15 The story of one individual as he searches for the definition of himself whilst struggling with a friend to discard the dead body of his former girlfriend. Drama

Emotional Hell
Jonathan Harris 10 mins 15 Two characters called Alf and Louise are at an isolated estate because Louise has inherited the house from her recently deceased mother. Tim goes to the house to try and gain his revenge on both Alf and Louise. Drama

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