Westbourne Programme
Saturday 9 August

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

21st Century Documentary


When The War Is Over
Francois Verster 50 mins 15 The after-effects of the South African Struggle against Apartheid, as experienced by survivors from the Bonteheuwel Military Wing (BMW), a militant teenage self-defence unit from the mid-1980s. Documentary

Happy Days
Max Baring 40 mins 12 Fabulous music stunning scenery Documentary about 4 young disabled people and 6 street kids/abused kids travelling together on an adventure trip through Nambia. Documentary

The Driver And The Passerby
Jon Morris 10 mins 12A Life, death and a man who gets hit by a car. Drama

With Sympathy
Chris Phelon 10 mins 15 A short film about bad news. Jim is a man of few words, but now he must learn to break it gently. Drama

10 mins 12A Cuddle is a bizarre comedy about two women who meet in a psychiatric hospital. Drama


I Make My Pictures For What Hollywood Spends On Lipstick
Rochelle Vincente 10 mins 12A This film explores the events in Maya Daren’s life that lead her to become an avant-garde filmmaker and cult figure. Art

Steve Roberts 10 mins 15 Do photographs contain memories which unfold in the mind when the photo is looked at? People, places, thoughts and emotions locked in a snapshot. Documentary

In A Quiet House In Hove
Gary Cove 10 mins U Hormuzd Rassam was born in Mosul, Mesopotania, which is now Iraq. He was sent by the British government to Ethiopia, as royal envoy to king Theodore. There he discovered the king’s collection of antiquities which he supplied to the British Museum. Hormund died in Hove a forgotten man. Documentary

Bob and Diana
Joe Atkinson & Jenny Sadler 10 mins 12A Bob is an 18 year old dropout, working as a cleaner in a hospital when he discovers an unknown woman with amnesia. Falling instantly in love with her, he about trying to convince her that they are lovers. Drama

David Dodd 10 mins 15 Ever travelled by train to work? Ever seen the same people everyday, day in day out, sitting opposite you in a sweaty, crowed train carriage? Ever wondered if conditions on trains could have a lasting impact on you? Drama

A Camera A Sound Recorder And A Question
Daniel Tonitto 5 mins U A cameraman and a sound recordist walk the streets of London to ask its people if they like black and white films. Documentary

The Real Marty
Bonnie Jones & Nina Rose 20 mins A personal insight into the world of Marty Jones, who suffers from schizophrenia. The film explores the effects of the illness on the whole family. An intriguing portrait co-directed by Marty’s sister, Bonnie Jones, and follow filmmaker Nina Rose. Documentary

Jah Music
Electra Bada 15 mins 15 Rastafarianism may be unique amongst the world’s religions in that its message is communicated almost solely through the music. From the streets of Notting Hill during the annual Carnival to the studio of Jah Warrior Records, the film follows four very different proponents of Dub music in London- Mikey Dread, Leonard Smith and Steve and Dougie from Jah Warrior Records Documentary

Barbara Gut 5 mins 15 Experimental documentary with a touch of protest and awarness on the recent ecological/catastrophe in Northern Spain by the multinternational ship “Prestige”. Documentary


Chlorine: A Pool Skating Documentary.
Milan Spasic 50 mins 15 You’re never to old to be a skateboarder especially if you helped start the whole thing back in the seventies and there’s all those empty pools just waiting to be used. Documentary

A Lion's Trail
Francois Verster 60 mins 12 A Lion's Trail tells the story of the most famous song ever to come from Africa: Mbube, which first evolved into Wimoweh; and then into the universally popular The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Documentary

Hollow Man
Hannah Gal. 34 minutes. Based on Leon Greenman’s book- An Englishman In Auschwits Documentary


Ken Fero 90 mins. The struggles for justice by the families of the people killed by the police. Documentary


Kinky Gerlinky
Dick Jewell 90 mins 18 Kinky Gerlinky was the biggest, most stylish nightclub London has ever seen. This documentary conveys the self expression, glamour, excess & enjoyment of one full on night out at the club. Documentary

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