Westbourne Studios Programme
Friday 8 August

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Dutch Films


The Reel Netherlands - "The Dutch Galleon of Mayhem" MAMA, Rotterdam is one of the Netherland's leading contemporary visual art galleries. In the six years that MAMA has been going, it has developed a reputation for an encompassing vision of the visual arts that takes in forms of visual culture often neglected by the visual arts establishment such as graffiti, urban design and film.

This programme, selected by Boris van Berkum, the creative director of MAMA showcases works by some of the emerging artists who have worked with MAMA. The programme includes Optimizer Customizer (2002) an animation by Jan van Nuenen; Tokyo Joker Performance 1999, a video documentary of a performance by artist Lepe Rubingh; Transferpoints (2003)a video work by Geert Mul in collaboration with Speedy J; and Time to Bone - the remix (2000), an irreverent digital animation about Internet porn by Arno Coenen.


The Reel Netherlands - "Mathildelicious" (2002)
Jasmina Fekovic & Eddie van der Velden
Blame it on Anglo-centricity, but exactly how Mathilde Willink has failed to join the pantheon of tragi-camp icons outside of her native Netherlands remains a mystery. Her true story reads like an operatic novel or a drag queen‚s invented history. At various times a farm girl from Zeeland, an air hostess, the muse of the uber-camp designer, Fong Leng and the wife of a well-known painter, it is easy to see how Mathilde became the mascot of the Amsterdam beau monde of the 1970's. Later, deserted by the painter, Carel Willink, Mathilde found solace in the arms of a drug dealer and wound up dead under mysterious circumstances. Again, it is easy to see why she transformed from popular mascot into tragic icon in the Dutch consciousness. "Mathildeloicious", a documentary by Jasmina Fekovic and Eddie van der Velden, was premiered at the 2002 Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival to critical acclaim. It was screened on Dutch television earlier this year. It is a film that reports insightfully yet is sometimes funny, frequently poignant.


The Reel Netherlands - Panel Discussion: " The Fantastic in Emerging Dutch Film"
A number of younger Dutch filmmakers and artists working with film and video, despite a range of contexts -animation, documentary, etc- seem to be working with themes that involve fantasy and the fantastic. The panel includes Boris van Berkum, the creative director of MAMA, Rotterdam, a public visual arts organization with a reputation for addressing visual culture very broadly, Geert Mul, a leading Dutch artist working with video and multimedia and Jasmina Feckovic, director of "Mathildelicious".


Portobello Shorts

Joe King 10 mins 15 Survey is the result of photographic tour of South Wales. Animation

15th February
Tim Webb 10 mins 15 Love gone wrong in 294 cuts- from the poem by Peter Reading. Animation

Lizzie Oxby 10 mins 15 Orman is having a futile conversation on his mobile phone. If he could just get through to Mr Langley everything will be resolved but someone (or something) is intercepting the calls....Animation

Love Your Neighbour
James Bloom 10 mins 12A Two men come to blows over a flock of miniature sheep. Drama

A Fairy Story
Ben Gooder 10 mins U A tale of innocence, experience, and a hand.

(Runner up Kodak/Bafta short film showcase 2002. Selected for Cannes.) Drama

The Follower
Adrian Sellars 10 mins 15 A lone woman only wants to get home, but when she is forced to make the last part of her journey on foot she senses there is a presence out there in the darkness, watching, following... Drama

Sam Shaw 2 mins 15 Reality comes from within. Believe what your conscience allows you to believe. Situations never change they only appear different at any given time, and they can take place in the “secure” environment we create for ourselves. Drama

Gimme Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment At Midnite.
Midge Devitt & Cliff Hormon 5 mins15 The nutty professor, Stig Honda, has a sad, mad, bad, dream of Frankenstein proportions, and with the involuntary assistance of hunched henchman Phil Smegma, embarks on a mission to create the discopunk sensation, GABBA, by fusing together the sweet melodies of Abba and the raw punk energy of RAMONES. Not to be missed on any account. Drama

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