Video Cafe Programme
Friday 8 August

Westway Sports Bar Crowthorne Road London W10

Video Cafe

J. C. Walters 120 mins 15 The year was 1962. The stars, a band, the Absurds. "Right ahead, but left behind" Drama

Wohin geht die Liebe? (Where is the Love going?)
Fumiko Matsuyama / Sun Yoon 10 mins 15 Can love be flushed away? Art

Erlkonig (The Erl-King)
Fumiko Matsuyama 5 mins 15 This experimental video is an interpretation of the poetry with the same title by Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Art

Stadtrundfahrt nicht fur Schuler (Sightseeing unsuitable for Students)
Fumiko Matsuyama 2 mins 15 A “wrong” guide to Berlin history in 70 seconds.

Ein Schimmer Blau (A Bit of Blue)
Fumiko Matsuyama 30 mins 15 A pantomime performance with colourful masks by women imprisoned in Berlin State Prison.

Pedro & Cedric
Pedro & Cedric 10 mins 15 "What a wonderful world" Drama

A Night At Norton
Nick Fletcher 10 mins U A documentary short of a colleges night classes in 1993. Documentary

As Is?
Gennie Rose 15 mins 15 Documentary about the anti war protests. Documentary

At Least I’ve Got My Visual Stimulant.
Jenny Runacre 5 mins 15 The encroaching technology in our lives renders personal communication almost non-existent. Art

Melvin Moti 5 mins 12 A woman is stuck in a landscape painting. Drama

Empirion: A Space Illiad
Jamie Janson 2 mins 15 An expedition crosses the galaxy in a quest for a new planet to inhabit. Drama

Another Drunken Nite-(Saltdog)
5 mins 15 Mix of low slapstick and manipulated-live footage. Drama

Mikko Keinonen 5 mins U A short film based on choreography for the wheel chair dancer Risto Lang. Art

Under Blue Skies
Nick Fletcher 10 mins 12 A trip down memory lane Documentary

Ghazaleh Gol Bakhsh 10 mins 15 The film is ultimately about pain Music Video

“Wachsinn” / Awake Sense
Sabine Radicke 10 mins 15 Two conditions. Dream and reality stand themselves vis-a-vis. The dream wraps the intellect and abducts this into a world of the obscurity. The memory remains. Drama

Garlic Cream
Sigfried Koehler & Susanne Brown 5 mins U Short film dealing with the irrationality of fear and racial prejudices. Drama

Just A Gigolo
Julia Sandberg Hansson 5 mins 12 The silent moments of Mitch Bucannon (David Hasselhoff) in the Baywatch Night epsiode Just A Gigolo. Drama

Chris Spelman 10 mins 15 Dylan awakes from another nightmare to find his friend Curtis at the door. A psychological thriller, Drama

Knock Knock
Sam Noor 10 mins 15 Househunting was never meant to be easy. But sometimes you get more than you bargained for Drama

Deborah Asante 15 mins 15 Nigel answers an ad for a free trial virtual girl friend, love is instant. Drama

I Can Feel The Distance
Pearl Howie 5 mins U This three minute experimental film illustrates the breakdown of a long distance relationship. Drama

Michelle Farr 10 mins 12A A surreal and magical drama, examining a child’s love for her parents. Drama

Sam Noor 10 mins 12A A summer’s afternoon and an eagerly awaited rendezvous. Drama

A Stray Glance
Keith Waters 2 mins U A young writer takes a stray glance out of the window. Drama

Alex Bennet Grant 10 mins 12A Often the chances we have to look into peoples lives are not the action times, and then we are hurried on by the buzz of life. Drama

TV Dinners
Steve Rainbow 5 mins 12 Two office workers go home to their dinners, but this night one of them has had their fill. Comedy

Lost At Sea
T.Tilleard-Haines 15 mins U Ed Dowie: This portrait focuses on Ed’s character and his attempts to stay afloat. Drama

Magic Box
Chris Sweeney 10 mins 15 Documentary about Faith House-the latest addition to the Holton Lee Charity. Documentary

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