Friday 1 August

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10. 6-11pm

Opening Party with Bowie Art,
and films from John Malkovich
and Bella Freud.


Aqua Gym
Simon Green 5 mins U Two synchronized swimmers perform a series of choreographic movements below and above water

Last Free Exit
Sai Selvarajan 5 mins15 The story behind the stories. Two actors come to terms with their lives. Before they were nobodies, they were young, naive, and full of life. Drama

You Reap What You Sow
Yeast 10 mins15 Nervous Breakdown on the tube. Drama
The Last Days Of Dobson William Sinclair 5 mins 15 "The Last Days Of Dobson" is an intriguing short film following the investigation into the abduction of a young woman. Drama

Missed Call
Richard Elson & Ben Todd 5 mins15 An angst-ridden, be-suited businessman drives, veins bulging, with his mobile clamped to his ear. Drama

Mr. Theobald
Simon Burrill 10 mins15 A modern darkly humorous fairy tale, examining the deadening impact of routine through the helpless Mr.Theobald who finds escape in the most unlikely of forms Drama

David Brundige 10 mins 15 With a huge, overbearing wife, and only late-night shadow puppets to console him, Otto struggles to gain some power in his life in 1938 Germany. When Otto finds a flier from big brother Hitler offering just that, he joins the Nazis only to find that nothing has changed and soon falls in love with a Jewish girl who shares his secret, late-night hobby. Comedy

The Love Nest
Shelly Wain 10 mins12 A reclusive man’s possessive love for a beautiful songbird has unexpected consequence proving that love cannot be caged. Drama

7.00 Bowie Art

David Bowie’s relationship with the art world has confounded many critics whether as a patron, artist, collector or writer. In what might be considered a controversial move by some, Bowieart provides a platform for the work of emerging young artists, including final year MA students from the Glasgow School of Art, Royal College of Art, Royal Academy of Art, The Ruskin and Goldsmiths, the artists’ run initiative Assembly and work from the American New York Academy of Arts providing exposure to the work of emerging artists at the most crucial time in their careers. Re-launched in 2000 has established itself as the space for the strongest young artistic talent around, which is made use of by dealers, curators, collectors and the art world and unlike any other art site artists can be contacted directly by the interested parties.

An extension of the site is the off-line exhibitions and projects that Bowieart hosts which include film nights in conjunction with the Portobello Festival. The collection of artists presenting work at the Westbourne Studios at this year’s festival all feature on Bowieart and with being current or recent graduates from top colleges the night has established itself as a sure crowd puller and is prodigious in assisting to increase the profile of the hottest young multimedia artists coming out of British art schools today.

Features from previous year’s screenings include a number of computer animations and films by Anthony Gross, arresting short films by recent Royal College graduate Naglaa Walker, who investigates the physical structures of knowledge and power and a film by Angus Wyatt, newcontemporaries 2002 nominee, which appropriately questioned what, if anything, it means to be an artist today and to what function such a position can hold within contemporary culture. Such Bowieart screenings set out to provide the artists with a platform to present often new and unseen work and allows the visitor a chance to view bold and exciting new work by some of the strongest emerging artists in the UK today.

featuring Alice Anderson Séance, Catherine Morland Some Way Over There, Eric Fong Harry, Raul Ortega Calf Roping, Damien Roach A Small Big Thing, Anthony Gross Parallelines, Jesse Ash Operations, Untitled (flowers), Mike Cooter Diagnosis Murder, Max Attenborough, An Allegory of Experience, Naglaa Walker Fragments of an unborn thought, Paul Harper Untitled V, Rose Eken Inner Speed, Oriana Fox Our Bodies, Ourselves, Haris Epaminonda Nemesis 52

Plus In The Atrium Work From:
Christine Collins, Stella Capes and Tom Woolner
9:00 Portobello Film Festival is exceptionally proud to show three magnificent films by John Malkovich and Bella Freud, all shot locally in Mr Malkovich’s inimitable living theatre style with West London actresses and supermodels and Ms Freud’s sublime couture.

Strap Hanging
John Malkovich 10 mins 15. A Japanese boy has trouble with his trouser on the Tube.

Lady Behave
John Malkovich 20 mins15. Charm school for wayward supermodels.

Hideous Man
John Malkovich 15 mins 15. Neo Beatniks hysterical over visit from top Poet.


Girl On A Cycle
Rachel Wang 20 mins 15 When Harry panics about his girlfriend’s strange behaviour he hires a private detective, Matlock, played by Sean Hughes. Drama

A Prayer From The Living
Alex Reuben15 mins12 Based upon a short story by the Booker Prize winning author, Ben Okri. Art

Big Hair
Alex Reuben 5 mins U Following the change of values in British Politics during Thatcher’s premiership two special agent super models are trapped in the virtuous reality of a shampoo commercial. Philosophy may be their only escape! Art

Thibaud Taillant 10 mins 15 Two women meet for a duel. But instead of fighting each other themselves, they expel two men from their bodies. The two men do the fighting in the place of the women. Drama

Anthony Burgess Swears It’s True
James Curran 5 mins15 An exploration of our perception, and reception of the obscene. Drama

Ivan Kavanagh 10 mins 18 “Bandage-man” takes us on a journey through his disturbed mind. Drama

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