Welcome to the 2001 Portobello Film Festival, a unique chance for the wider world to see the wonders of front line film and video. Every film submitted is on show and entry to all events is free. New digital technology now makes film making easy for everyone. Out of the sheer volume of films and videos being made, and proudly presented by the Portobello Film Festival, you will find the David Lynchs and the Guy Ritchies of the future. From disaffected industry professionals to first time film makers experimenting with camcorders, the Portobello Film Festival celebrates the joy and diversity of the medium with a significant International contribution this year and our usual excursions into the weird and the wonderful.
The work on offer stands in stark contrast to the the dull corporate style of the conventional medium. Anything can happen in the next two weeks.

Festival Crew :
Jonathan Barnett-Director
Ray Myndiuk-Programmer
Alison McCoubrey-Coordinator
Ana Rossa-Administrator
Thomas Szabo-Website Design
Katrin Haucke-Troubleshooting
Stephanie Beer-Assistance
Dave Pitts-Technician
Andy McCafferty-Photographer
Oscar Carbonell-Projectionist
Astrid Smith-Support Systems

The Portobello Film Festival runs a weekly Video Café and frequent events at Cobden Club, Wornington College and Subterania throughout the year. See Time Out for details.

Check our website for updates, news and views on the front line of Independent film : www.portobellofilmfestival.com

Thanks to :
Dave Reading (Smile)
Tony Elliott (Time Out)
Lucy Jakes (JVC)
Zoe Gaynor (Budweiser)
Anita O’Donnell (Palm Pictures)
Martin Fowler (Cobden Club)
Darren Jones (Electric Cinema)
Damien Spandley (Cityscreen)
Aless Fernandez (Screen West)
Ian Comfort (RBK&C)
Angela Law (FUNK)
Andrea Corbett (LFVDA)
Duncan Smith (Uncles)
Sian Pickles (My Village)
David Owen, Graham Vincent and Tom Crossley (RBK&C Parks)

And all the volunteers, filmmakers and sponsors who have supported us over the years.

Portobello Film Festival,
c/o North Kensington Arts, 7 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL. Telephone/ 0208 960 0996.
Email/ portobellofilmfestival@btinternet.com