3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

UK Independents

6.30 - 10pm

Skim For England (Tom Oxenham) 30 mins
Following fictional protagonist Frank on his journey to the (real) 2016 World Stone Skimming Championships – now in it’s 20th consecutive year. Mockumentary.

Kenny Samson Left Back (Quince Garcia) 1 min
Why did footballers of a certain period become so addicted to drink and gambling? Documentary.

London Hunting Season (Quince Garcia) 1 min
Lil London is back after time out from London’s Grime scene. Documentary.

Iron Like A Man (Quince Garcia) 1 min
How does a black man from Jamaica become one of MIllwall’s biggest fans? Documentary.

Beetle Trouble (Gabriel Bohmer) 14 mins
John and beetles are in conflict in a hand drawn world. He needs to get a grip on the pests, but it isn’t easy with the medication he is on. Animation.

The Ghoul (Nick Fletcher) 5 mins
The ghoul comes back to haunt a mansion in 2017. Horror.

Mordechai (Benjamin Bee) 13 mins
Today is the day of the funeral of the father of two Orthodox but very different Jews. Drama.

Wake (Kamil Iwanowicz) 14 mins
A man in a coma finds a way to communicate with the outside world from within his own nightmare. Drama.

The Badger (Gregor Fergie) 20 mins
Clarke takes part in a crime reconstruction for TV. Unhappy with his portrayal The Badger takes it on himself to teach Clarke a lesson. Comedy.

The Pyramid (Michael Fausti) 5 mins
Two men find themselves in a seemingly innocent conversation following a violent home invasion at one of London’s luxury high rise flats. Thriller.

The Ingress Tapes (Michael Fausti) 8 mins
A killer recalls his crimes, but are The Ingress Tapes fact or fiction? Horror.

Don’t Stop Believing (Leah Rouse) 30 mins
LGBT short about life after death. Drama.

Mysteries by Riyadh Haque from Portsmouth

White Coffee (Riyadh Haque & John McGinty) 12 mins
Two friends meet for a late night drink. Drama.

Untitled (Riyadh Haque) 4 mins
Two friends try to develop a new song despite their conflicting tastes. Music.

Too Late To Leave (Riyadh Haque) 6 mins
A man traverses a desolate land looking for his brother, Drama.

The Voice Of Reason (Riyadh Haque) 5 mins
A couple attempt to reconcile their incompatibility despite a deep infatuation with each other. Drama.

The Missing Reel (Riyadh Haque and JohnMcGinty) 6 mins
Two people come to the end of a long journey. Drama.

Rien (Riyadh Haque) 4 mins
A young girl recounts her failings with an ex-lover. Art.

The Farm (Riyadh Haque) 15 mins
A man seeks the truth behind his wife’s mysterious disappearance. Drama.

Portrait Of An Actor (Riyadh Haque) 5 mins
Portsmouth based performer Ben Archer and his views on acting. Documentary.

Perspective (Riyadh Haque) 2 mins
First person narrative detailing a relationship. Art.

Hannah (Riyadh Haque & John McGinty) 12 mins
Two girls are jealous of each other. A story told in reverse.

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