3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Common People and London Calling

6.30 - 10pm

Man Engine (Diana Taylor) 17 mins
A giant mechanical puppet remembers the Cornish tin mining industry.

It Will Soon Be Dark (Katherine Tulloch) 10 mins
Using found footage, stop motion and layering the film explores the “Ghost Cinema” of the Frampton Park Estate in Hackney. Art.

Rachel (Karen Anstee) 15 mins
Beyond death a young woman fights to have her last wishes fulfilled despite an unyielding and devoutly religious father. Drama.

A Death In The Family (Thomas Harman) 6 mins
The domino effect on a family after a sudden and unexplained death makes headline news. Documentary.

The Art Of Arabic Calligraphy (James Bartle) 2 mins
Dubai based calligrapher Amir Hossein describes his intricate work. Art.

Reawaken (John Dunn) 1 min
Being free to express ideas with a metaphoric ethereal aesthetic. Fashion.

Fünfzig (Tony Auguste) 11 mins
Black and white comedy set in Berlin about a man who can’t tell his wife he has lost his job. Comedy.

Heaven Sent (Johnny Dean Peace) 7 mins
A father comes to terms with a loss that is breaking him apart. Drama.

Beige (Kelly Teh) 15 mins
A beleaguered husband murders his nagging wife thinking a knife in the back will silence her for good. He is wrong. Comedy.

Reverie (Stella Scott) 5 mins
The thoughts and feelings of young Londoners reveal a world of fragile dreams, undefined by daily reality. Documentary.

The Date (John Dunn) 5 mins
What you see is not always what you get, and preparation is everything when getting ready for a date. Drama,

Common People (Kerry Skinner and Stewart Alexander) 90 mins
Six stories of disparate Londoners become entwined when they encounter an escaped parrot in this bittersweet comic tale of love, loss, and life on a London Common.

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