269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

A Night Of German Films

6pm – 10.30pm

Rivals (Nebenbuhler) Alexander Lony 4 minutes 15
Madame and monsieus are back. “The Scent of Gentleman: was easy and charming plaything with the prejudices of the first encounter. Comedy Germany

DIE LIZENZ Nora Fingscheidt 12a 11 mins
After two years of waiting, Adam and Ellas first part of the application for a „licence to procreate“ has been successfully reviewed. To complete the process, the request is followed up with an obligatory and final interview in the intimacy of their home. Their fate is now in the hands of the government clerk Gudrun Paschke.

NICOLE'S CAGE Josef Brandl 12 16 mins
The big wheel in the most exciting area of the city is the perfect real estate for Jakob and Nicole, a young, ambitious and firmly in the event culture anchored couple. When one of the popular gondolas becomes free, they do not hesitate to move into their first common flat. Unfortunately none of them both has taken the time to get to know his partner before.

ZUFLUCHT Daniel Andrew Wunderer 15 10 mins
A wanderer in the wasteland seeks shelter in an abandoned trailer, where he discovers
the corpse of a boy with strange wounds...

Y Gina Wenal 20 minutes 15
Laura is a self-confident young woman, a member of the new “Me Me Me Generation”, also known as “Generation Y”. Spoilt for choice by life’s abundance of options, Laura has lost track of her own aims and ideals. She’s always looking for something, she just doesn’t know what. One night she meets Safi, who has fled her homeland. The encounter gives Laura food for thought. Drama Germany

MOUSE (Held George) Celine Held & Logan George 18 11 mins
Vanessa and Danny are down on their luck, so when an unlikely can of Unica brand beans falls to their kitchen floor, they aim to squeeze out every penny.

FAMILLE À VENDRE (FAMILY FOR SALE) Sebastien Petretti  15 15 mins
A small hole in a condom back in 1980, and Xav is conceived… Ironic when you know that Oscar owns a sex shop. Oscar is the father. Typhaine, the mother, is a disinherited bourgeois. Since the arrival of Petra, Typhaine can’t stop throwing herself against the wall to express her discomfort. Petra is Oscar’s mistress. Xav has tried getting used to his family, but eighteen years later, he’s had enough…

LE FRUIT DU DÉSIR Thierry Pradervand 15 11 mins
A woman suffering from depression visits her therapist for the usual session. The psychologist guides her through a meditation meant to make her feel better. But a melon and a woodcutter who happen to be near by, lead the patient into her thrilling inconscious world, changing her for ever.

L’Chaim! - To Life! (L’Chaim! - Auf Das Leben!) Elkan Spiller 93 minutes 15
The film is a glimpse into the unusual life of Chaim Lubelski. He had a wild past as a hippy in Germany, London and Paris, before he became a millionaire in New York and a professional chess player in St.Tropez. When his mother needs care, Chaim decides to move in with her...... Shaped by his mother’s history as a Holocaust survivor, Chaim feels his mission is to ease her pain. Feature Length Documentary Germany

Jacke wie Hose (Hey, What’s Rocking?) Hans Kotter & Christian A. Zschammer 86 mins U
Jacke Wie Hose rocks like hell. The band from Potsdam sets forth for Upper Bavaria to cause a stir there. The tour evolves into an ecstatic trip through cool clubs and picturesque holiday sceneries. Music Documentary Germany

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