3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Octavia Foundation, Art Movies, and Bristol Film & Video Society.

A Short Programme Of Films From Bristol Film & Video Society

Kabul Sunset (Tim Smart/Graham Egarr) 16 mins
The sole survivor of an ambush in Kabul seeks refuge in a private house.

Into The Light (Mike George) 5 mins
Written by David Price, the short text was then given to directors to interpret in hid own way. Drama.

Into The Light 2 (Declan Smith) 8 mins
Written by David Price, the short text was then given to directors to interpret in hid own way. Drama.

Bristol Revisited (Gordon Young) 35 mins
Footage from 1956 is combined with 2015 to compare and contrast Bristol’s proud heritage, Documentary.

Octavia Foundation Presents (7.30 – 8.30)

The Octavia Foundation supports people affected by ill health, social isolation, low income or unemployment in central and West London. They help over 2000 people each year by:
- Caring for older people by befriending and social activities
- Supporting children and young people through inspirational projects and outreach work
- Helping people through volunteering and training

Octavia Foundation Presents
Waking The Dead exploring the lives and local history of some of the figures buried at Kensal Green. Funded by £76,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund, the project engaged over 100 young people from the local area who produced two short films, a smartphone app guide, an exhibition, and recorded numerous oral histories.
The Beats Beneath 10 mins
History of the Carnival and some key figures who helped shape it and are now laid to rest in Kensal Green Cemetery.
Waking The Dead 10 mins
A short performance piece exploring the work of some of the creative individuals who are either buried or cremated at Kensal Green.

Art Movies

Through An Artist’s Eye (Sonia Boue) 14 mins
Felicia Browne, gifted artist and sculptor, was the only British woman to die in the Spanish Civil War. Sonia Boue and Jenny Rivarola celebrate her life in music and in poetry. Art.

Don Quijote (Clara Aparacio Yoldi) 3 mins
Postdigital road movie where the Castillion landscape is transformed in the mind of a modern Don Quijote. Art

Iconosfera (Clara Aparacio Yoldi) 5 mins
The importance of image and iconography in the collective imagination. Art.

H2O (Albert Kueh) 8 mins
Sometimes ordinary things can be so beautiful. Water dancing in a bottle on a Taiwan train journey. Art.

Materialism (Albert Kueh) 6 mins
Even the dead cannot escape materialism in their other world. Art.

Beyond The Fence (Roy Hollinshead) 6 mins
Featuring pencil drawing and a poem hinting at what lies beyond. Art.

Facial Electrolysis (Roy Hollinshead) 7 mins
Contains flashing imagery. Art

Opportunity (Roy Hollishead) 6 mins
Featuring music by Trojan Note. Art.

Merzfrau ( Sarah Jane Swan & Roger Simian) 15 mins
Ode to the modern muse, inspired by Kurt Schwitters.

New City (Diana Taylor) 5 mins
Every night in Greece people are building a new city. Exploring the Athenian dreams of the displaced. Fantasy.

Once In Whitley Bay (Diana Taylor) 4 mins
A young man in Whitley Bay imagines the surf and beaches of LA. Drama.

Night Launderette In North Street (Diana Taylor) 3 mins
Outside the homeless are not well washed. Drama.

The Black Cat (Nick Fletcher) 5 mins
A tribute to Boris “The King” Karloff’s “Black Cat”. Horror.

Woodhenge (Marie Stuart) 4 mins
A pub owner erects a wooden version of Stonehenge to the shock of the local Council. Documentary.

Holding On To Life (Marie Stuart) 4 mins
A couple are faced with a tragic accident. Music.

The Wishing Tree (Marie Stuart) I min.
Girl walks into a wood and makes a wish. Art.

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