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International Films

6pm – 10.30pm

LIMBO Konstantina Kotzamani 29 minutes 12A
The leopard shall lie down with the goat. The wolves shall live with the lambs. And the young boy will lead them. 12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore… Drama France & Greece

LITUANIA (LITHUANIA) Iker Arce Aretxabala 19 minutes 12A
After the death of their son, David and Elena try to keep the enthusiasm of living, even though they have to go to Lithuania. Drama Spain

MORE THAN TWO DAYS (AKTHAR MIN YOMEEN) Ahmed Abdelnaser 10 minutes 12A
After a sexual incident, two teenage brothers will go through a shade of silence, lintel and desire to reveal! A conflict that reflects on their life, their relationship, how each of them tries to deal with their new lives. Over two days, could make a weighty influence on their future and relationship. Drama Qatar & Egpt

ONE WORD Caleb D Shaffer 17 minutes 15
Unfortunately a very relevant and emotional story of a teenage African refugee, Sammi, whose daily life is dominated by scenes of racism and rejection. Struggling to adapt to his new life, an opportunity for self-expression, which initially causes him to freeze with fear, is turned into the most powerful weapon against his bullies. Drama Britain

OPDRIFT BUOYANCY Simon Valentin 9 minutes 12A
During a swim test for the Danish elite team, 15 year old Sara realizes that she is about to loose everything she has fought for since early childhood. Her future depends on her immediate action. But can she make up for her failure in one last important act? Drama Denmark

PROBLEMAS DE PAREJA (COUPLE PROBLEMS) Diego Roma 3 minutes U Sincere and timeless. Capricious and unpredictable. ¿Necessary or avoidable? There are problems which don't have an easy solution. Drama Spain

SNOWGIRL Ilina Perianova 28 minutes 12A
A mysterious girl appears in the lives of an elderly childless couple and a troubled young man and transforms their understanding about love and life. Loosely based on the Russian fairy tale about Snegurochka, this story is about miracles and trusting the divine forces at work in our lives. Drama Bulgaria, Estonia & Germany

THE CHERRY TREE (LES FRUITS DU TEMPS) Matthieu Boivineau 26 minutes 12A
A large cherry tree in a garden, a family, moments of life, time passing by. Through the four seasons, this majestic cherry tree changes, this family too. Like a poem about passing time and an ode to nature, a reflection on our changing identities… Drama France

TIERRA MUERTA (DEAD LAND) Gonzalo González Undurraga 7 minutes 12A On this night. Juan the delinquent has returned to his childhood town after many years with a job to do. He's got to get rid of Eva, a jazz singer and a key witnessin an important trial. It's up to him to pull the job off while he fights between obedience and his feelings for Eva. Drama Spain

YA NO TE QUIERO ( I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE) Francisco Hervada Martín 2 minutes U
The time ends with everything, except with the promises. Drama Spain

ALICIA (ALICE) Daniel M. Caneiro 10 minutes 15
Alice is under the dining table, curled up in the shadows, alone and with a big kitchen knife in her hands. At her side, a few meters away, is the lifeless body of Michael, her father. Next to the corpse,on the floor, a cellphone starts ringing: There's still hope... Drama Spain

ARIDAI Igor Luna 8 minutes 15
I wouldn't have expected that you that you were tailor-made to my bathtub. Drama Spain

HALOPERIDOL Jose Manuel Carrasco 3 minutes 12A
Do you belive in eternal life? Drama Spain

A L'ARRACHÉ (SNATCHED) Emmanuelle Nicot 22 minutes 15
Raïssa and Alio (17 and 18 years old) have shared the same room in a foster home since childhood. One evening as she returns to the foster home, Raïssa discovers that Alio has left the place without telling her. Drama Belgium

RESPIRANDO (Breathing) Mar Olid 20 minutes 12A
Jon and Sofia are a stable couple. One day, Sofia decides to end the relationship. Jon is destroyed They are both customers at Rafael´s Bar where Beatriz starts working. Jon strikes up a friendship with Beatriz.She begins falling in love. When everything seems to fall into place, Sofia shows up once again and Jon has to make a decision. Drama Spain

FROM HASAKAH WITH LOVE Mohammad Farahani 9 minutes 18
A girl that who’s family members have been murdered, is all alone in the city of Hasakah. In order to show her protest to the ongoing massacre, she decided to burn herself in front of a webcam. Drama Iran

SAW IT I SAW IT Hae Seong Jeong 20 minutes 15
When a man finds a small girl crying, he tries to help, but when the mother appears, she accuses him of being a child molester. Drama South Korea

ADIVINA (Fortune-teller) Gonzaga Manso 20 minutes 12A
Routine and red sausage have led Mauricio to lose things he took for granted. In an act of illogical desperation, he visits a carnival fortune-teller to try and tie up the lose ends he left along the way. With the help of her crystal ball, the fortune-teller shows him an alternate reality. Drama Spain

CORAZÓN (Heart) Sergio Martínez 15 minutes 12A
She tried to leave the forest, but the forest was inside her. Drama Spain

NINI David Moreno 18 minutes 12A
Between success and jail there is only a hole in the floor... Drama Spain

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