269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

A Night Of Russian /
Eastern European Films

6pm – 10.30pm

The Sadness Will Last Forever Alexi Dimitriev 8 minutes 12
The most beautiful paintings are those which you dream about when you lie in bed smoking a pipe, but which you never paint. Experimental Russia

Midlife Crisis Alexey Naumov 20 minutes U
The hero passes through the personal conflict and crisis of relations among the absurdity of life and totalitarianism. He tries to understand is him or the world’s gone crazy and also attempts realizing his child’s dream of happiness. Drama Russia

Tsvetayeva And Mayakovsky (Streets) Polina Moshenska 27 minutes U
A street is vital, kinetic and full of different effects. Everytday life of the two streets with paradoxical names of poets in Kiev suburbs. Experimental Documentary Greece & Ukraine

Odd Woman Danila Dunaev 29 minutes 12A
A young office clerk finds out from an odd woman in black that everyone she’s ever known and loved is dead and the world has been repopulated with dummies. Once back at the office, she tries to find out what’s real and what is not. Drama Russia

Delivered Evgeniy Dobrorodnov 11 minutes 12A
The protagonist receives a text message that his girlfriend is pregnant. As he thinks of how to escape responsibility, he is distracted by a bird that has flown into his home. Thus begins his journey beyond life and death. Drama Russia

Convulsions, Asphyxia, Death Fedor Romm 14 minutes 12A
Medical student Anton Kroshkin decides to perform first aid on himself. Comedy Russia

The Ankle Alexander Krutenkov 14 minutes 15
Beauty requires sacrifices, especially if marriage is at stake. Alena’s ankle gets in the way of her relationship with Pasha. She bravely goes under the surgeon’s knife without realizing how much she has to lose. Comedy Russia

The Collar Viktoria Runtsova 23 minutes 12A
Modest young woman buyes the new collar. But the collar starts to rule her life contrary to the woman’s will. Young woman must decide either she obeys the collar’s will or fights against it. Drama Russia

The Dinner Nathalia Konchalovsky 11 minutes 12A
It’s late. The family dinner is almost over. Fanny, 7 years old, is the only child at the table.... The most important is not to fall asleep. Comedy Russia

The Telescope Toma Stenko 14 minutes 15
In a small Moscow flat Anton is constructing a telescope. A bell starts ringing. Anton starts talking to Michael, who dumped him. After talking to him he is staring through the telescope at a big house across the road, where he sees nothing, which makes him quite scared. Comedy Russia

To The Dacha Alexey Naumov 16 minutes 15
The newly-weds Lyuba and Andrei have a crisis in their relationship. In order to get a rest and settle their family life, they go to a summer house (dacha) Comedy Russia

BelAz Dreams Ira Vikova 10 minutes 15
A big Siberian guy and his huge machine extract coal in the Kuzbass. And once, in the middle of the winter, a spring comes to their cabin ... Documentary Russia

-196 Anna Arlanova 50 minutes 15
Short of resources but rich in feeling, lapsed physics student Mutya is determined to save the life of his ailing beloved grandmother. Overriding the uninformed protestations of family members, the devoted grandson goes to any lengths to have her cryogenically preserved after her demise, thereby affording her a chance at a new life. Drama Russia

People Of The Lake Ensar Altay 40 minutes 12A
The drying up of the Aral sea is an environmental and human tragedy. Some people continue to come to terms with drying up of the Aral sea and the man made ecological disaster of epic proportions it represents. Many predicted that the sea could never return, but some people have set out to reverse this disaster.This film focuses on the solutions found and faint glimmer of hope on the horizion. Environmental Documentary Turkey



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