269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

A night of French Films

6pm – 10.30pm

A Dogs Life Thierry Gracia 20 minutes 15
The young Arigo lives under Master Jean Picpus’ thumb, a sinister flea trainer. But one thing really itch our idealistic: the back. Comedy France

Lumpen Thibaut Piotrowski 9 minutes 12A
I lived in terror for a very long time. But I have finally understood everything. I know who they are and I know where they come from. Sc-Fi Drama France

Slurpee Charles Grenier 10 minutes 15
Un adolescent aux prises avec fetiche nouvellement decouvert recontre une prostituee se rememorant son passe d’aspirant judoka. Drama France

Madame Cleante N’ira Pas Au Cimetiere Pamela Varela 40 minutes 12A
In French Guiana, Emmanuel and Leon, attend the funeral of their grand-mother, Cleante, confronted with the past, memories of their childhood resurface and with them some well hidden secrets. Drama France

Mediterranee (Mediterranea) Nicolas Sarkissian 15 minutes 12A
Marseille, a sunny beach. A young dancer attempts rescue a castaway. While she calls for help, the stranger disappears mysteriously. Drama France

Anemone and Columbine Ethan Selcer 24 minutes 18
A young man and a young woman meet again in the woods, they love each other one last time. Drama France

Sigao, autour du silence (Sigao, about silence) Lionel Retornaz 19 minutes U
In the city, a space liked with mechanical objects rattling, try and look for leaves rusling, steps crackling, human breathing. Documentary France

Belle Ville Jung Won-hee 26 minutes 15
In Paris, an illegal Chinese-Korean worker is waiting for her twin sister coming from China, with who she intends to exchange her place. But the D-Day, nothing goes as planned. Drama France

Marlon Jessica Palud 18 minutes 12A
Marlon, a 14-year-old is visiting her mother in jail...... Drama France

Le Mecene (The Patron) Lionel Auguste 19 minutes 12A
Antoine comes back home and finds his wife in bed with a stranger. The lover quickly leaves but the expected argument doesn’t take place. Instead, a strange manipulation takes place… Drama France

Prejudice Against Shadows Emmanuel Plasseraug 95 minutes 15
Back to Russia, after one year spent in Bordeaux (south of France), as a student, Katia discovers that the world that she knew is not exactly the same anymore. Drama France


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