The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

International Documentary

6pm – 11pm

Standing At The Crossroads (Digital Works) 50 mins
Documentary made by 5 children at St Thomas’ Primary School W10 and digital works about art and music in North Kensington. Documentary

Schwerelos (Zero-G) Jannis Lenz 10 minutes 12A
A group of Tracers , presenting their idea of weightlessness in the big city through body language. Poetry Slammer Fatima Moumouni is supporting the collage with a poem on mental reclamation of the city and the youth movement´s attitude towards life.
Documentary Austria

The Mother Without A Womb Oradol Kaewprasert 37 minutes 15
The Mother Without A Womb is an experimental documentary film that features the story of Day Freeman (Dechawut Chantakaro or Puksupa P,), a transgender. Day had a tough childhood. Struggling with poverty she worked as a construction worker, and then as a hairdresser. With her artistic ability she became a cabaret dancer and later an actor. On a visit to her former school she asked her teachers if there was anything she could do for the students there and that was the beginning of her new role..... Documentary Thailand

Save The Scene Jian Hennings 28 minutes 15
A short moment in time when the Trinidadian music scene meant more than one thing. Music Documentary Trinidad And Tobago

Mostly Waiting Thandi Sebe 30 minutes 12A
Cape Town. Three men from Zimbabwe who came to South Africa in search of work and a better life, now spend their days on the side of a street, hoping for a job. An intimate look at what it is like to be a homeless refugee living on the streets of an afrophobic country and the dreams that the men have for their futures.
Documentary Germany

9 days From My Window In Aleppo Thomas Vroege & Floor van der Meulen 9 mins 15
9 DAYS portrays the first nine days of the rapidly changing uprising in Aleppo, observations re- corded by the renowned Syrian photographer Issa Touma from his window in the old city.
Documentary Holland

I Want To Fly Mariya Ibrahimovanin 22 minutes U
Kamal has a dream: he wants to fly, but many say paragliding is an impossible dream for a man in a wheelchair. An inspiration in the Paralympic community, he's helped many beat the odds. Now it's his turn to try.
Documentary Azerbaijan

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE Orhan Tekeoglu 45 minutes U
People living in Turkey`s eastern Black Sea region, along with their traditions, unique lifestyle and uncommonly practical solutions for life, mostly take us into either deep thinking or hilarious laughter.
Achieving the impossible requires an extraordinary self-transcending intelligence. Wit and stubbornness combined with creativity inavitabily make these local people perform extrtaordinary things.
Documentary Turkey

Überdruck (Over Pressure)
Sebastian Binder & Sebastian Fred Schirmen 13 minutes 15
Everyone knows it, everyone has it. No pressure in the kettle means
deadlock. Nevertheless it always seems to strong. Pressure is not tangible,
pressure ist mostly transparent. But if it is high enough it is noticeable. OVER PRESSURE (ÜBERDRUCK) cinematically searches for its manners in our everydaylife. It shows truth, personality and surprise. A colourful atmospheric picture to think about.
Documentary Germany

Djado Ivan Silke Meya 20 minutes 12A
The 70 year old “Djado Ivan” lives in Grivitsa, a small bulgarian town close to the romanian border. In close communion with nature and his many animals, he spends his life on his small farm and thereby maintains his very own rhythm of life. In order to portray his life, Silke Meya (Director) and Laura Mentgen (Director of Photography) spent one month with Ivan in Bulgaria where they were able to capture his philosophy of life.
Documentary Germany

Die Beschützer (The Guardians) Benjamin Rost 26 minutes 15
53-year-old Konstantin, ex-soldier Robbe and young mother Ana are fighting with anxieties triggered by their past. The documentary "The Guardians" accompanies them during their training towards being bodyguards. A portrait on the quest for security.
Documentary Germany


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