139 Ladbroke Grove W10 6HJ

French & Belgium, Russian Films

6pm – 10.30pm

Fairytale For Average People Chloe Mazio 14 minutes 12A
Traumatised by a painfull breakup. Joseph decides on stepping out of the house, and finding some sugar in order to remove bitterness from his life. Animation France

Daphne Or The Lovely Specimen Sebastien Laudenbach & Sylvain Derosne 15 minutes 15 As any pretty plant, Daphne buds, open, fills with fragrance and loses leaves. But is never allowed pick... Animation France

Besos Frios Nicolias Rincon Gille 15 minutes 12A
In Bogota outskirts, young voices are echoing all around Leonade, Omar, Jaime, Estiven, Diego, and so many others are still there, although murdered by the army 6 or 7 years ago. Documentary Belgium

I Don’t Belong Anywhere - Le Cinema de Chantal Akerman Marianne Lambert 67 minutes 15 From Brussels to Tel Aviv, from Paris to New York, the documentary takes us to all the places Chantel Akerman visitedon her travels. Documentary Belgium

Dal Ritorno Giovanni Cioni 92 minutes 15
Dear Silvarno, when we first met in December, you asked me to come with you. You wanted to return there, to the place you outlived. I’m still there, you said. Documentary Belgium

Dancehall Is Us Egor Papulov 19 minutes 12A
“Dancehall Is Us” is a short documentary about the culture of dance in Jamaica. Study of the nature of the style of dancehall, street culture and the style of life of the citizens brings the viewer to understand the country as a whole. The film is, in a sense, a portrait of Jamaica today. Art Documentary Russia

g Roman Safin 14 minutes 15
Skydivers are jumping out of a plane - a young couple and their best friend. Sunset, freefall, the ground is closer and closer. One of the parachutes fails to deploy. Rushing down in freefall they realize that it is all about trust that has been lost..... Sporting Drama Russia

Lieu Trouble Lata Masud 17 minutes 12A
A young runaway woman enters an empty building. She experiences strange manifestations while wandering in the building, and she spies on the couple and their little girl.... until she witnesses a terrible accident. Drama France

Crimea. The Emperor’s Dream Daniel Dlouhy 15 minutes U
Crimea. The Emperor’s Dream is a political film about the future of the Crimea and Europe. Our heros play war in a real war zone and the borders between fiction and reality become blurred, Documentary Russia


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