139 Ladbroke Grove W10 6HJ

London Film Makers

6pm – 10.30pm

Volatus (George Bennett) 12 mins
Shaun has Aspergers. Chris’ mother is dying. An unusual friendship is formed. Drama

The Singing Teacher (Inshra Russell) 12 mins
A girl auditioning for a bad tempered teacher sings a song that strikes a magical chord. Drama

The Stranger (Donald Kerr) 10 mins
A woman is accosted on Halloween by a captivating gentleman. Drama

London: A Love Story (Susanna Hellden) 30 mins
A musical celebration of the hustle and bustle on the streets of London. Documentary

Wuthering Heights-A Radio Play (Stuart J Parkins) 7 mins
Two ex lovers are reunited during a production of Wuthering Heights. Drama

Drift (Aimee Powell) 17 mins
Two homeless migrants are imprisoned together in a derelict room. Drama

Brackenmore (Christopher Kemble) 72 mins
Kate returns to her ancestral home deep in rural Ireland and becomes entrapped in a world of pagan and ritualistic beliefs. Horror
Alphonso's Jaw (Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian) 10 minutes 12A
Examining identity and distorted forms in the era of modern warfare. Inspired by the prosthetic silver jaw constructed for French gunner, Alphonse Luis, disfigured at the siege of Antwerp, 1832. Experimental Britain

Lars the Emokid (Joe Grisaffi) 100 minutes 12A
Lars has lost his best friend, is being bullied at school, his parents are divorcing.... It takes a group of misfits to show him what real friendship is. Comedy USA



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