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269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

German Films

6pm – 11pm

Entre La Tierra (Inside land) Sofía Quirós Ubeda 25 minutes 12A
Marta always lived in the same house in complete isolation. Maya, a young traveler, settles nearby. Once the boundaries between them are dissolved, an unexpected ritual triggers Marta’s confrontation with her deepest fear.
Drama Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile

Fliegen (Flight) Marcus Hanisch 19 minutes 15
It’s Nadia’s 15th birthday. Instead of celebrating with her friends she takes care of her drug addict mother. To earn their living Nadia is working in a chineses restaurant. Due to the clash of hope, fights and reconciliation the life with her drug addict mother becomes an intoxication for Nadia herself. Trapped between responsibility and the thoughts to escape Nadia’s loving care is put to the test.
Drama Germany

Grummet Sonja Keßler 38 minutes 15
Germany 1916. In a little village the outsider Marga (45) is fighting for everyday survival. Hans (12) is fascinated by the lady and literally follows her, which culminates into a severe accident. As a result Marga has to take care of the boy. A friendship evolves from this difficult relationship but only lasts shortly and is abruptly ruined due to the arrival of Hans’ brother Friedrich (22).
Drama Germany

Karmarkonto Lukas Klaschinski 1 minute U
A man is heading ruthlessly towards his goal and loses connection to what he once was: A child!
Drama Germany

Rose Claudio Franke 18 minutes 12A
Two completely different women, reliant on each other, struggle to get along for one evening. When Rose is released from prison, her former prison guard, the lonesome Marie, offers her a place to sleep and work. They enjoy their first night in Marie’s apartment. But soon it turns out that the two women have completely different plans: Marie tries to lock Rose in a new prison.
Drama Germany

The Culprit Michael Rittmannsberger 3 minutes 15
A young man is accused of a crime. He confesses and doesn’t show a sign of regret. On the contrary – the young man seems to be proud and fully convinced of what he did…
Drama Germany, Austria

Unterdruck Lilli Schwabe 34 minutes 15
Clara, an aspiring gynecologist, is enthusiastically supporting her patients, no matter if they are bringing a child into the world or are making the decision to have an abortion. At the same time, she is attempting to be a good wife and loving mother to her two little children. However, with the increasing pressures of daily life, her self imposed belief systems are beginning to falter, her duties in the clinic suddenly seem insurmountable and her family life is slipping away.
Drama Austria

Warum hast Du kein Taxi genommen? (Why didn’t you take a taxi?) Caspar Kaeser 14 minutes 12A
Alfred Krohn (66) and his son Paul are on the way to the hospital. During the drive, Paul realises that Alfred’s illness is far more serious than his father wants to admit. Being afraid he could lose him for good, Paul suddenly decides to leave the designated route…
Drama Germany

Wass wisst Ihr denn eigentlich schon davon? Nina Mielitz 9 minutes 15
Totally different people are meeting each other in six scenes. All of them have one thing in common: They all think that they already know everything there is to know about each other without having ever spoken a word with one another. They judge each other by stereotypes and the external appearance, avoid each other insted of making a step towards the other person, which leads them to missing the chance of solving a problem, the truth or just a little smile. In the end it is a child who gives new hope to a world full of adults with prejudices.
Drama Germany

Zu klein für diese Welt Keno Bültena 9 minutes 12A
Anne (25) wants to spend the day in the park with her little sister. She is being watched by a shy boy, who draws her repeatedly without her permission. In the meantime her ex boyfriend is harassing her. As the shy boy tries to intervene, he confronts the ex boyfriend. Induced by the pain of his past, the boy gathers all his strength. He comes through for Anne, with whom he has got more in common than Anne assumes in the first place. Drama Germany

Freedom & Independence Bjørn Melhus 15 minutes 12A
The experimental short film FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE by Bjørn Melhus questions the current global ideological paradigm shifts towards new forms of religious capitalism by confronting ideas and quotes of the self-proclaimed objectivist philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand with evangelical contents of US-American mainstream movies. This contemporary fairy tale, in which Melhus performs all characters himself, was partly shot in a Berlin morgue and new urban environments in Istanbul.
Experimental Germany

Scooter Accident Philipp Käßbohrer 5 minutes 12A
“Solitude is bad company, it had me mislead“ – One night, one action, one consequence. The song “Scooter Accident“ and its accompanying video stay true to the title and demonstrate how solitude, frustration and violence are not necessarily the best ingredients for a rosy future. Music Video Germany

Metube 2 - August Sings Carmina Burana Daniel Moshel 6 minutes 15
After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!
Music Video Austria

Dot Tali Barde 28 minutes 15
While crossing against the red light, a man gets hit by a car. Five days after the fatal accident he wakes up under the shower with eleven marks on his wrist. He slips, breaks his neck and suddenly stands in an elevator – with only ten marks left. A fight for survival against and through time has begun…
Drama Germany

Mikelis Marc Bethke 15 minutes 15
Mikelis, a mathematician working for the European Union, is sitting in a hotel room in Brussels, one day after his retirement.
He is waiting for what he knows will be his last visitor, Carl. But only through meeting the maid Ada, the dark secret of his life’s work is revealed. Ada is going to be Mikelis’ last and most personal victim.
Drama Germany

Esel (Carry On) Rafael Haider 23 minutes 12A
It is wintertime. The landscape is bare and grey. An isolated farm is located next to the woods. An old married couple lives there. Their life consists of every day activities which they are not capable of coping with any more and, furthermore, mostly of boredom. For his daily work the farmer has an old donkey to help him. When the pragmatic farmer learns that the death of his longtime companion is near, he notices that he loves the animal more than he can admit. A parable about death and parting, a fairy tale for grown-ups.
Drama Austria

Real Soldiers Andrew English 14 minutes 15
Ambitious journalist Leo is working for Russian state TV, covering the war in Ukraine. At the ‘2013 Ukraine Peace Talks’ in Berlin, Leo’s camera man Felix happens upon a secret conversation recording between politicians. Both political and moral values come into question for these two journalists.
Drama Germany




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