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Entry As Always FREE and Open To All, featuring films from Heathcote Williams, Mutoid Waste Company, and Tom Vague.

7pm - late

1966 The year the decade exploded in Notting Hill - Dir. Phoenix Bay - Local history talk by Tom Vague featuring the London Free School and Lord Kitchener's Valet, with Brian Nevill reading from 'Boom Baby' and Rosamund 'Casino Blue' musical interlude at Book & Kitchen, All Saints Road. 9 minutes
& Four Films by Heathcote Williams and Alan Cox including The Beast Of Brexit, a portrait of Boris Johnson. 20 mins & Films of the early Mutoid Waste Company 1985 - 1993 by Festival Director Jonathan Barnett. 30 mins

Prometheus is a stop-motion animated film (with accompanying sound track by James Torrance) made from prints of West London’s Trellick Tower. Warde returned the two zinc plates from which the prints were etched to the acid between each ‘take’, so the film records the gradual deterioration of the process, reflecting the fading of Erno Goldfinger’s utopian blueprint for Modern high-rise living.

Warde made a total of 228 prints; 217 were used to make the film, the edition corresponding with the 217 apartments in Trellick Tower. By way of democratising the work and including the residents, Warde delivered a print to each apartment with an accompanying letter outlining the project.

The V&A Museum acquired edition number 7 for their permanent collection; they made it ‘Print of the Month’ in July 2012.



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