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Octavia Foundation Film Retrospective

6pm – 10.30pm

“A Decade of Dedication” 
The Octavia Foundation is a charity working to transform local lives. We support isolated older people, those on low incomes, people seeking work and creative young people so that they can reach their full potential. Ten years since the Octavia Foundation was started, with one staff member working out of a redundant cupboard in North Kensington, we have gone on to work with over 10,000 people in Central and West London.
Our documentary film work with local young people has won awards at the United Nations, received critical acclaim in the Observer and the Guardian and one film was even translated into Mandarin and screened in China!
To mark this 10 year milestone we have teamed up with the Portobello Film Festival, a longstanding and important local partner, to present a retrospective of some of the highlights of our decade in film. Some of the young people we have worked with throughout this time will be there to discuss the films, their experiences and what they are doing now. Please come early to avoid disappointment and to join us for some 10th birthday cupcakes! 


and evening overview from Reena Mukherji, Director of the Octavia Foundation (5 mins) 


Grove Roots
(43 minutes)
Gritty neorealist documentary which tells the story of the 1958 race riots, community resistance and activism, Carnival, the building of the Westway and interviews Richard Curtis about the Notting Hill film. It starts with Caribbean immigrants greeted with signs declaring "No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs" and ends with the arrival of rich "Notting Hillbillies”.

Quick Q&A with film-makers


Hidden Herstories: Octavia Hill (15 mins) 
Hidden Herstories: Jayaben Desai (18 mins)
 Documentary films that uncovers two of history’s most significant, yet unsung heroines has been made by 20 young people in an extraordinary community project featuring big names including Gurindha Chadha, Jeremy Corbyn and Bob Crow.
‘Hidden Herstories, women of change’ unveils how the achievements of Octavia Hill and Jayaben Desai had significant international impact on the issues of race, gender and trade union relations and social poverty. Octavia Hill was a pioneer in social housing and one of the founders of the National Trust and Jayaben Desai, who made unprecedented advancements for workers’ rights, led the famous Grunwick strike. 

Quick Q&A with the film-makers


Black to Yellow (5 mins)
Young performer and photography graduate Chris Lamontagne performs a poem in his self-directed debut short film in response to Charles Booth's Map Descriptive of London Poverty. He examines how people are still stereotyped according to race and class and the inequalities of today's society. This film won 2 awards at the United Nations. 


R Story (55 mins)
Explores the highs and lows of QPR during the R’s 133-year existence, charting the history of the club from its very beginnings in 1882 to the present day including promotion back to the Premier League in 2014. Includes interviews with sports psychologists, local historians, lifelong fans and players past and present such as Joey Barton and “Sir”Les Ferdinand. 

Wrap up Q&A on the evening’s presentation


Shola Amoo and directors introduce work from the NFTS/BFI Film Academy – a collaborative scheme between BFI and NFTS that takes the best 66 young film makers between the ages of 16 and 19 and enables them to develop and shoot 6 short films:

NFTS 2016 Showcase (45 mins)
The Fall
The Fighting Irish

4 Days In Calais Edward Longmire 50 minutes U
A tense, January 2016 visit to The Jungle refugee camp in Calais, France, accompanying a party of relief workers. Do they help, or are they postponing the inevitable? Social Documentary Czech Republic

Daughter Sarah Jayne 29 minutes 12A
Daughter explores the way women are viewed in society by following three female characters on a Friday night out in St Kilda. Each woman varies in age, culture, wealth, education and social status, but on this fateful night, the women’s lives will become entwined and affected by an act of violence. Watch again if you have time. . Social Drama Australia



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