139 Ladbroke Grove W10 6HJ

London Dramas & Thrillers
inc Brash Young Turks

6pm – 10.30pm

Orhan (Gunalp Kocak) 14 mins
A young man returns to the city of his forgotten love and finds he has a son. Drama

Jasper (Dean Anderson) 11 mins
A troubled father tries to save his relationship with his daughters. Drama

After You Have Gone (Jemshaid Ashraf) 4 mins
Jessica leaves her abusive husband Josh for another man. Drama

Building Blocks (Jonathan Ashdown) 5 mins
Three siblings reunite on the anniversary of their father’s death. Drama

Blue Borsalino (Mark Lobatto) 17 mins
When his first and only client recovers from a coma, a private investigator reveals a 50 year old secret. Drama

The Trip (Sophie King) 20 mins
James’ fiancée mysteriously disappears on a weekend away in the countryside.. Thriller

Shopping (Layke Anderson) 12 mins
A love letter to a disappearing Soho. Drama


Brash Young Turks (Naeem Mahmood) 91 mins
Highly praised debut feature from Portobello regular telling a fast paced struggle of love, crime, and power against all odds. To be introduced by cast and crew. Thriller
Vocemail Erec Brehmer 30 minutes U
Based on the News Of The World scandal. The ambitious junior editor Stefan has to write about a vanished young girl. How far is he willing to go as a journalist? Drama Germany

Les Animaux Ne S’Enterrent Pas (We Don’t Bury Animals) Thibaut Charlut 32 minutes 15 Enzo is 19 years old and lives in a disinherited town in east of France. It is in a violent and gathered universe that Enzo and his best friend Hugo look to kill time. Drama France

Spectrum Dimitris Gkotsis 12 minutes 15
Spectrum is used to classify something in terms of it’s position on a scale between two extreme points. Documenting a slice in the life of five different people living in the heart of the city of Athens and the power relations between them. Prioritikes entwined, leading to misunderstandings and finally the absolute brutality. Drama Greece

Foxes Mikel Gurrea 22 minutes 12A
In London, a young estate agent has to juggle making a crucial sale with looking after his ten year old son. Malcolm and Aron struggle to understand each other, while an urban fox follows them around on a rainy night. Relationship Drama Spain


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