139 Ladbroke Grove W10 6HJ

International Documentary

6pm – 10.30pm

First Time In Rio Marcelo Paganini 35 minutes U
Marcio And Borges founders of world know club da Esavina (Corner’s club) and top musicians welcome back Marcelo Paganini on Brazil. I tour 2014 to release his ablum there. Music Documentary France

Luz A La Deriva (Drifting Light) Inigo Salaberria 18 minutes 12A Icland lives in darkness for much of the year. The good thing about night is that it’s like a backdrop which erases the set and leaves you looking at the bare essentials, like looking at a sheet of paper you have to draw on. Documentary Spain

Wo das Gras am höchsten wächst (Where The Grass Grows Highest) Philip Hallay & Christian Spieß 51 minutes U
Begzuren lives in the ger district of Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Due to a lack of space, survival is very difficult. Still tourists from all over the world come into his modest ger to exchange life experiences. Dalai’s lives in Bayangol Sum, a two hours drive from Ulan Bator. Instead of living in a chaotic metropolis, he enjoys the vastness of the veldt. His son, destined to inherit his father’s nomadic tradition, is secretly dreaming of Ulan Bator.
Feature Length Documentary Germany, Mongolia

Idomeni Nikos Koyroy 16 minutes U
According to offical UN figures, more than 500.000 Syrian refugees entered Europe from the islands of Greece in 2015. Of these, nearly 95% had actually arrived in Idomeni...
Documentary Greece

Muska Ruth Biller 53 minutes 12A
Six musical artist from Berlin have composed a ,free interpretation of their associations to an individual place in Berlin - Lichtenberg. The area was filmed from several perspectives - independemtly of the music. Music Documentary Germany

Im Schatten Europas 65 minutes 15
Documentary Germany

Pit Stop Loving Noam Osband 5 minutes 12A
A quest to understand American views on love in the most American place of all: the gas station. Documentary USA

Through The Pane Dawn Westlake 7 minutes U
The pain of loss reflected in the panes of glass. Documentary USA

Anoranza Flo Flamme 71 minutes U Documentary Belgium


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