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Dramas & Thrillers
inc Antwerp Dolls

2pm – 10pm

Lost And Found Claudia Seibl 26 minutes U
What’s further? There or back again? Or maybe just standing still? These are questions that Neil Goldman, an aging travel book author from the USA, and Janek, a young Estonian emigrant, have to face the night before Christmas at Tallinn Airport. Their flight to New York gets bumped to the next morning due to a snow storm, and as they wait together, they discover that, although they are quite different from each other, they need to learn from the other’s characteristics in order to solve the major problems in their respective lives. They find out that it is never too late to make the right decision.
Drama Germany

Burned Jaime Valdueza 18 minutes 15
Jason hides in a motel room afraid of coming out. The only person he trusts is his girlfriend Lila, who takes him to meet a friend in a remote house in the desert. At their arrival, an unexpected guest asks too many questions. Jason’s trust for Lila begins to fade.
Drama Spain

Con La Bocca Cerrada (Mouth Shut) Anna Farré Añó 9 minutes 12A
Emma is 15. Emma has a strong personality, which she doesn’t know how to manage. Today she got herself in troubles again, but in the principal’s office there are two people that she is not expecting: Her parents.
Drama Spain

Vizitatorul (The Vistor) Jamil Hendi 115 minutes 12A
Luca si Otilia, two young people just beginning their lives, move in the big city, in an old apartment. One night, Lucas notices that his wife has disappeared just like the previous tenant of this house, without any warning. Thriller Romania

Dream Seller Shane Lee Kit 8 minutes 12A
A man catalogs a weekend he spends with the girl of his dreams, but can this perfect wopman really exist, or is it just a facade? Drama Trinidad And Tobago

Sofia B. Didn’t Sleep Well Lea Triboulet 20 minutes 15
Sofia runs away from boarding school, carrying the address of her grandmother who she has never met. Strangers to one another, hurt by their respective pasts, the two women will learn to tame one another. Relationship Drama France

Nordstadt, Was Los Mo Jäger 27 minutes 15
Melli (19) is getting out of juvenile hall after a good 5 months. She promised herself: no more trouble. But first she realizes that someone specific is not there to pick her up – her boyfriend Yuri, the one being responsible for all that trouble. He’s not even answering her calls. Fortunately her girls are prepared to cheer her up – with sparkling wine in heaps and a surprising performance from a stripper. But her friends already know that Yuri has a new girlfriend. They try to hide the bad news – obviously. The situation escalates.
Drama Germany

Sty Rex Russell 13 mins 15
“Sty” focus on Solomon and explores the battle he faces with his alcoholic father and the insidious manner in which his controlling, volatile action ruminates into Solomon’s world
Drama Britain

Art In Heaven Jessica Elisa Boyd 30 mins
Music, loss, and faith restored through unexpected friendship. Drama

The Good And The Bad (Scott Norvek) 20 mins
Tina, a troubled teenager, is attracted to Dana, an Afghan girl who Tina tells us is victimized by her substance abusing father. Contains racial tension and bullying. Drama

Balcony Toby Fell-Holden 18 mins
When good people do bad things and bad people do good things. Drama
The Antwerp Dolls (Jake L Reid) 90 mins
A ruthless businessman’s payoff to the Belgian mafia is intercepted by revenge seeking former associates launching a deadly war of violence and double dealing. To be introduced by cast and crew. Drama


Antwerp Dolls Jake L. Reid 90 mins
A ruthless businessman's payoff to the Belgian mafia is intercepted by his revenge-seeking former protegees, launching a deadly war of violence and double-dealing.

S.P.L.I.T. Robbie Walsh 82 minutes 15
We follow 2 hitmen in Dublin as they show us how they do their jobs, and share their thoughts on life. This is the office meets Leon. 2 Hitmen, 2 Days, 1 Camera crew. Crime Comedy Ireland



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