139 Ladbroke Grove W10 6HJ

Local Films &
The Native Spirit Film Festival

6pm – 10.00pm

Tales Of Magyar Sadness (Jason Crimp) 35 mins
A bored refugee prevents a young painter from working on her North Kensington flat with an urgent need to communicate and learns too late of people’s unpredictability. Drama

Her Younger Spirit ( JF Whitney) 4 mins
A two year old girl encounters the spirit of her younger self. Ghost Story

London’s Ancient Markets: Their Fight For Survival (Sandra Shevey) 30 mins
The crusade to save London’s local traditional street markets. Documentary

Lancaster West-The Forgotten Estate (Constantine Gras) 60 mins
An intimate portrait of seven residents on Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington. Documentary

A Selection Of Films From The 9th Native Spirit Film Festival introduced by curator Tweed.

Putting On A Pow Wow (Keeley Gould) 4 mins
700 Native American tribes meet in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Documentary

Call & Response (Craig Commanda) 6 mins
A dialogue between contemporary and traditional music from the sacred territory, Wirikuta in Mexico where the peyote grows. Music

Uprooted Generation (Real Junior Leblanc) 8 mins
A young Innu returns to the site of the Indian Reservation in Sept Iles Canada to deliver a poetic tribute. Documentary

Inuit High Kick (Alethea Arnaquq-Baril) 3 mins
An ancient celebration of Innuit culture and a stunning demonstration of timeless athleticism. Documentary.

The Child Who Hammered Nails (Isabelle Kanape) 4 mins
A fable about the consequences of our actions depicted in Chinese shadows. Animation.
Second Skin  (Charlie Manton) 20 mins
The story of a girl in a cardboard box stars Lauren McCrostie, who is the lead in Tim Burton’s upcoming film ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’. Fantasy

Golden Genes Wolfgang Konrad, Vrsula Haysbaver, & Clemens Stachel 90 minutes U
Gene data stored in biobanks - be it from a sheaf of barley, the stem cells of a polar bear or drops of human blood - are frozen, bodiless time travellers. Documentary Austria



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