The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

International Shorts

6pm – 11pm

Adam Minus Eve (Adam Moins Eve), Aurelia Mengin, 26 minutes, 15
In a post-apocalyphic world, a priest hoping to find survivors. Drama. France

Waltz For Three (Valse A Trois), Lubna Playoust, 9 minutes, 15
A pregnant young woman is listening to the conversation of her table neighbours involuntarily. On first sight, it seems to be the banalities of an old couple. Romantic Drama. France

The Last Battle (La Paix), Peter Deinz, 12 minutes, 12A
A man disappears into the forest. he goes through the ancient Argonne battlefield. A final battle. Social Drama. France

A Single Body (Un Seul Corps), Sotiris Dounoukos, 19 minutes, U
Best friends and abattior workers are saving to open their own butchery. But before they can realise their dream, the arrival of a new worker will test the bonds of their shared life. Relationship Drama. France

Flapper (Garconne), Nicolas Sarkissian, 30 minutes, 15
Set in the 1920s in the French countryside. A teenager Lisa embarks on a journey of self-discovery at the bottom of a remote lake. Coming Of Age Drama. France

Territory (Territoire), Vincent Paronnaud, 23 minutes, 18
1957, Pyrenees. Pierre reaches the summer pasture with his dog and his flock of sheep. Afraid of the wolf, he isn’t aware of a more savage threat − a squadron of paratroopers. Horror. France

Wild Head (Tete Brulee), Valentine Carette, 40 minutes, U
The few days of reunion between Francis, an absent father, and Valentine, his 25 year old daughter, within hospital walls. Documentary. France

Tesape Ara, 71 minutes, Environmental Documentary, Good, France
In Paraguay, 2% of the population owns 85% of the land. Each year the expansion of agribusiness around the civilization of transgenic soya courses the expulsion of peasant and Indian families. faced with this situation, a group of women from eastern Paraguay try to change this situation.
Environmental Documentary, France

The Man Of Life, Melanie Delbye, 26 minutes, 15
When Alice sees Eric Kissing another girl, she is devastated. To make matters worse, her rival runs with her in the same relay team. Alice might be only 13 years old but she is not ready to give up her place so easily. Drama. France

Backward Run, Ayce Kartal, 4 minutes, 12a
June 2013, demonstrators occupy Istanbul’s Taksim Gteri Park. While the tension and police brutality rise in the streets, Turkish TV broadcast documentaries about penguins. Animation. France

L’Envol, Hajime Kimura, 5 minutes, u
The bird in the cage dreams about clouds. Animation. France

Cantine / Transept, Dan Perez & benjamin Klintoe, 33 minutes, 18
Ismael came to France in the hope of forgiveness. A former pioneer, he left the US for Paris, where he expects to find peace and quiet. Drama. France


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