The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR


6pm – 11pm

43, Roulan Jadan 14 minutes 12A
The story is about two characters, the first is a young orphan boy aged around 12, who lives alone in a big old house, and then he finds a friend when a quiet stranger enters his life, the strange young man is a political activist from Syria. Drama Germany

Lost In The Dust, Soran Ebrahim, 14 minutes, 12A
A Yazidi boy and Baath agent boy are both in love with a Kurdish Muslim girl. The girl’s parents don’t want their girl to marry either. The girl and the Yazidi boy approach a blind cleric to bond their marriage... Drama. Iraq

First Lesson In Love, Tomer Werechson, 8 minutes, U
A chance meeting of two worlds leads to a love story between a young religious girl and a street musician at a train station in Jerusalem.
Drama. Israel

Maria, Soaua Viegas, 23 minutes, 15
When his wife dies during childbirth, Arseuio resorts to a foul ritual with hopes of having the daughter he never got to know. Horror. Good. Portugal

Ripped, Shamina Yuki Crawford, 18 minutes, (rating?)
Unresolved feelings boil over when Kei sees his ex-girlfriend Ruri for the first time in 3 years, after receiving a wedding invitation from her. Relationship Drama. USA

After, Sean Branigan, 15 minutes, 12A
Dan’s night out is cut short when his new girlfriend Jenny suffers a traumatic attack. He faces a decision that will define his character and future. Relationship Drama. Ireland

Asphalt Blue (Asphaltblau) , Tobias Fitting, 17 minutes, 12A
A midsummer night. A girl is trying to jump from a bridge but is interrupted by a taxi driver. The perky man explains that this bridge is not high enough and offers her a free ride to a better, surely deadly bridge. Coming Of Age Drama. Germany

Nabilah, Paul Meschuh, 22 minutes, 12A
The young Afgan woman Nabilah is injured in an accident. German soldiers take her to a military base. Since the residents of Nabilah’s home town must not find out about her physical contact with foreign men, a race for her life begins. Drama. Austria

Matka Ziemia, Piotr Zlotorowicz, 30 minutes, 15
Maciek wants to satisfy his father’s ambition and become a butcher. Unfortunately he is too sensitive to make an animal suffer. He turns to the care of an old orchard, the only memory left from his mother, and discovers his supernatural abilities. Drama. Poland

The Problems Of The Fastest Flight (Das Problem des Schnellstfluges), Phulipp Kabbohrer, 32 minutes, U
Inspired by true events, which took place in Southern Germany in the winter of 1945, the film tells the story of an engineer’s hare-brained scheme to build a manned rocket made of wood. Drama. Germany

Cosi X Caso-Dogma 95 (Versione 2015), Cristiano Ceriello, 99 minutes, 12A
March 20, 2015: 20 years after the Manifesto of the World Movement “Dogma 95”, Cinema Distribuzione proposes the 2015 version − remastered, re-made in a more extreme form, in compliance with the rules of the “Vow of Chastity” − of “Cosi X Caso” − the Ultimate Official Move In The History Of Dogma 95. Drama. Italy


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