The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR


6pm – 11pm

Auguste & Louis, Nicolas Bertrand, 8 minutes, U
Auguste & Louis are fishing, but the fish will have to wait. Comedy. Belgium

Forest, Samuel Feller, 18 minutes, U
Julien decides to go hiking with his father despite his frailty. In a deep forest, they walk together for the first time. The journey towards his father begins. Relationship Drama. Belgium

Free Now, Pierre Liebaert, 12 minutes, 18
The models who replied to his ad wanted to pose in the intimacy of the closed doors, as if this face to face with the photographer whom they knew nothing about was the one thing they had been waiting for. Experimental Documentary . Belgium

A Reality Every Second, Karim Ouelhaj, 95 minutes, 18
Driving around under the lights of the city, Lucky, a social worker, is looking for Romane, a young teenager who ran away. On his way, he meets the unconventional Vladimir, who is horrified by the moral decadence around him. Social Drama, Belgium

Lost Harmonies (S’Enfuir), Joachim Thome, 75 minutes, U
Albert Huybuchts was something of an enigma. Trapped in his proletarian origins, he only owed his survival to music. Hi premature death in 1938 didn’t leave him much time to see his masterful music achieve wider circulation. Documentary. Belgium

Before We Go, Jorge Leon, 82 minutes, 15
Brussels, La Honneie Opera House. Three people near the end of their lives meet with choreographers, actors, and musicians. They take part in a unique experience which involves music, dance and silence. Art Documentary. Belgium


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