Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

Animation, Art & Fashion

7pm – 10.30pm

Route Of All Evil (Molly Brown) 5 mins
Conflicting urban myths about a particular road. Animation.

The Evil Table (Molly Brown) 5 mins
Does The Evil Table exist? Animation.

Zoom Out (Clara Aparicio Yoldi) 3 mins
A painting is augmented and expanded. Animation.

Zoom In (Clara Aparicio Yoldi) 4 mins
Animated paintings, introspection, inspiration, fantasy and dreams. Animation.

Ram_City -1000 Screens (Clara Aparicio Yoldi) 6 mins
A city with random access memory. Animation.

Consumption (Joshua Evan) 5 mins
Are we consumed by consumption? Art.

Untitled Spectacle (Antonis Sideris) 1 min
Performance Art encounters mainstream media. Art.

Not For The Tourists (Dan Tapsell) 4 mins
Film Trouve: a pastiche of found images. Art.

Let’s Travel To Rome (David Nevin) 8 mins
Romantic poem addressed to the artist’s girlfriend. Poetry.

Where Are You Now? (David Nevin) 7 mins.
Art and love in West Berlin. Documentary.

Snakes And Ladders (Diana Taylor) 3 mins
How people are controlled in the urban environment. Art.

Things Fall Apart; The Centre Cannot Hold (Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian) 22 mins
6 screen video showing Scottish Borders duo The Bird & The Monkey composing a new track based on W. B. Yeat’s The Second Coming. Art.

Unsung Alchemist (Tudor Crockford) 5 mins
Animation on events of 60s Counterculture. Animation.

Stewy, Wollstonecroft, and Graffiti. (Dom Wade & Stewy) 16 mins
A rare interview with Bristol artist Stewy. Documentary.

Smile (Tom Chimiak) 3 mins
Self doubt on the way to happiness. Art.

(Donald Takeshita Guy) 5 mins
A contortionist meets a film maker. Art.

Rattle (Andrew Pengilly) 9 mins
Unrequited love imitating a prophecy. Animation.

Loot (Hannah Gautrey) 4 mins
A homeless man comes across a strange briefcase. Animation.

Cosplayers UK (Ed Hartwell & Johnny Oddball) 83 mins
Cosplayers and costumers at the London Comic Convention 2011. Documentary.

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