Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

Sci Fi & Fantasy

8pm – 10.30pm

The Cloud (Eren Kaplan) 6 mins
In a dystopian future people are connected to an internet network called “The Cloud” which is run by a giant technology corporation. Science Fiction

True Colours (Eren Kaplan) 7 mins
The ability to see the world in its full splendor. Science Fiction.

Mind Shift
(Michael West) 2 mins
A troubled man confronts his demons. Horror.

The Returner (James Atkins) 5 mins
An agent is sent from the future to stop a deadly virus. Science Fiction.

Infinity (Gideon Blackman) 7 mins
A corporation takes over a town with a holographic robot. Science Fiction.

Carousel (Trevor Hayward) 3 mins
A Toy Carousel provides a metaphor for love, hope…and strength. Fantasy.

Love You More (Trevor Hayward) 4 mins
For anyone who has ever lost someone…it’s never too late to say goodbye.

Three Chairs (Trevor Hayward) 3 mins
After playing romantic mind games Warren is about to be judged by the devil. Drama.

The Confession (Trevor Hayward) 7 mins
Video Diary about a failed relationship. Drama.

Tradition And Routine (Marlena Segar) 9 mins
Wasn’t it tradition and routine that brought about the end of the world. Drama.

Scarlet Says (Marley Grenville) 9 mins
At a kids fancy dress party Scarlet and Jeremy go off for an adventure in the woods… Fantasy.

Waltz Into Moonlight
(Adrian Hume Robinson) 15 mins
A matriarch finds a life changing reason to show a softer side to her long suffering husband. Fantasy.

Abramacabre (Dominic Rossetti) 1 mins
A magician and his beautiful wife get an unexpected visit from the devil. Horror.

Amon (Peter Murphy) 10 mins
Family sci-fi about a boy in search of his father. Science Fiction.

Beneath Water (Charlie Manton) 15 mins
16 year old Daisy attempts to get through to her withdrawn mother. Fantasy.

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