The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

International Documentaries & Drama

6pm – 11pm

Black Skins, White Masks, Lisa Bellynick & Frederic Aspisi 55 minutes 12A
Images of life in West Afriuca: furtive visions from the depths of the bush, women, men, children, the power of the gaze, of daily gestures, of time. And words to testify to the world suspended between archaisim and modernity.
Documentary France

Afluentes, Joao Meirinhos 24 minutes 12A
“Afluentes” brings together an old shaman, an accidental traveler and a desperate man to the same place. A short documentary about the mysteries of ayahvasca plant medicine and spiritual tourism. Documentary Portugal

Cobbler (Zapatero), Madelon Vroom 14 minutes
An intimate story of father and son reviving a family tradition in Barcelona. Two different generatio0ns and their different views on life provides us with some confronting as well as humorous dialogue. Emilio, 90 year old cobbler and his ambitious son, Daniel decides to work together but the craftsmanship in Europe is slowly disappearing. G-12a Documentary London, England

Leathermarket, Jessica Bishopp 15 minutes U
Memories of their streets of the past; from the last marriage in the bombed Trinity Church, to playing on the bomb-sites after the Second World War in Bermondsey, South London. Documentary Britain

Disapplication, Flavio Sciole 2 minutes U
Video art and disapplication. Video Art Good Italy

Sciole Pere-Lachaise, Flavio Sciole 17 minutes 12A
Sciole: Action in Pere-Lachaise (Paris). Experimental Italy

Fe-Male, Anka Schmid 6 minutes 12A
A city park in autumn. people gather. Suddenly figures intermingle. Fe-male: a little apparition in everyday life. Animation Switzerland

Gonna Stop Killing - Carla Bozulich, Martijn Rijnberg 5 minutes 12A
Zero landscape creates a music video for the track Gonna Stop Killing by American singer Carla Bozulich. It explores a turning point in the existence of a hitman. Music Video Holland

Work In Progress, Arcok Tamas Patrovits 3 minutes U
Graphic faces flare and morph into one another to the rising rhythm of the music, which was played on found and recycled objects. the original charcoal drawings were made blindfolded by an artist collective.
Experimental Animation Hungary

Chase4422, Julien Gueraud 5 minutes 12
A young woman is chased by a mysterious object. She flees across a deserted beach, sand dunes and eventually takes refuge in an abandoned village by the sea. Science Fiction France

The Battle Of Britain, Denis Volte 14 minutes U
A merciless economic war. In order to survive, a vast industrial group uses new management techiques. What will be the part of Gerard in the battle? Drama France

A Dill Pickle, Claire Tatin 13 minutes U
Sonia, a lovely and senitive personality, finds by chance the man who shared his life 6 years ago. He is a man apparently changed. But resentment, bitterness, desire, fear, anger, despair appear in veiled terms.
Romantic Comedy France

Waiting For Patrick, Emmanuelle Reymond 18 minutes 12A
Mathilde is 40 and has an organised life. She is invited by her sister Pauline who invites her loved ones to introduce them to her new boyfriend. But mathilde finds an object that changes all Pauline’s plans. Relationship Drama France

Away (La-Bas), Pascal Marc 8 minutes U
A mother and her son are lost in their own way: her in her lie and him in his grief. Together, on the way to a mysterious “out there”, they will have time to tame each other. Drama France

Sleeping Song For 17 Skyscrappers, 192 Buildings And 13 851 Inhabitants.
Antoine Janot 3 minutes U In a learnedly orchestrated ballet of notes, a piano blows out the lights of the city. Drama France

Game Of Life (Le Grand Jeu,) Agnes Vialleton 13 minutes U
Mathias and Alex meet in the early morning, on a small parking lot in the middle of nowhere. This year again, nothing could distract them form what they’ve determined to accomplish. Drama Good France

Chess Game (Jogo Dexadrez), Luis Antionio Pereira 80 minutes 15
Nina is long time for social security fraud, involing Sentor franco. Le Brides, to put an end to her, but the attempts are in vain. It starts a game where the stronger and smarter will suceed. Prison Drama Brazil


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