Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY


6.30pm – 10.30pm

Rasta Fish (Hugh Mulhall) 3 mins
A meditation on love and fish. Music.

Notional Options (Hugh Mulhall) 7 mins
Words confound with action. Music.

Angelina Tout- The Zen Hussies (Sarah Mallabar) 4 mins
An audition to play drums with the Zen Hussies. Music.

And Then The Heart (Francesca Maccio) 4 mins
A cornfield, an old man’s memories, and flying fishes. Music.

Waterwalls (Francesca Maccio) 5 mins
The emotions that music can make you feel through colours. Music.

Dockyard Dreaming (Diana Taylor) 4 mins
Thornbridge song about Bristol docks. Music.

Dopeboy (Rosa Galvin) 7 mins
LGBT hip hop. Music.

Who Is Gil Scott Heron?
(Forsyth & Pollard) 50 mins
A portrait seen through the eyes of those who loved him. Documentary.

The Death & Resurrection Show (Shan Pettigrew) 3 mins
Three decades of the turbulent history of local post-punkers Killing Joke.

Peter Green – Man Of The World (Steve Graham) 90 mins
For the first time, the personal story of the mercurial and eccentric guitar genius. Documentary.

Everyone's Wally (Paolo Sedazzari) 61 Minutes
Biographical documentary on Wally Hope of the tribe of Wallies who founded the Stonehenge Free Festivals in the 1970s.
His is a tale of mystical visions, pharmaceutically induced nightmares, high court high jinx, pitch battles with the police and of possible conspiracy and intrigue.

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