Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

W10/W11 Local Showcase 2

7pm – 10.30pm

How Great Thou Art (Charlie Phillips) 30 mins
A documentary about Afro Carribean funerals in London. Documentary.

The Power Of Sound
(Liliana Columbo) 31 mins
Sound as a healing tool with opera singer Amanda Kent. Documentary.

Crossroads (Katie Smith) 20 mins
A depressed father discovers his son is gay. Drama

Satan Has A Bushy Tail
(Louis Paxton) 15 mins
Grandparents, bereavement, and a demonic squirrel called Clive. Comedy.

My Dog (Joe Whitney) 5 mins
5 mins of feral philosophy from Jake Vegas, the duke of Dean Street. Comedy.

The Real Myra Hindley (Jack Murton) 30 mins
An ex- armed robber considers his changing perception of child killer Myra Hindley. Documentary.

Touch 4 Love (Jo Beckett) 7 mins
A child prostitute finds solace at a 15th century burial site and dreams of a better life. Drama.

Lava (Joe Tucker) 96 mins
15 years after its premiere at the Portobello Film Festival we revisit crime/comedy/carnival heist movie about chaotic lives in Notting Hill. Comedy.

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