The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR


6pm – 11pm

Safe Space, Zora Rux, 13 minutes, 12A
Patrick and Sara live a love story. But they are also fighting together for refugee rights in Berlin. When harmless advance turns into a sexual assault, the group is forced to rethink their aims and the private story grows to an unwanted public dimension. Human Rights Drama. Germany

Disfavour (Unten durch), Friedrich Tiedtke, 5 minutes, U
A little girl blocks a chubby man’s way. As he doesn’t want to be part of her game, a flood of accusations comes over him, in which he becomes the victim of a very self-satisfied parent’s generation. Black Comedy. Germany

Asphalt Blue (Asphaltblau) , Tobias Fitting, 17 minutes, 12A
A midsummer night. A girl is trying to jump down a bridge but is interrupted by a taxi driver. The perky man explains that this bridge is not high enough and offers her a free ride to a better, surely deadly bridge. Coming Of Age Drama. Germany

Amongst The Shadows, Laura Thies, 93 minutes, 12A
Seeking to solve the mystery of an abandoned house, burned-out songwriter Julika has to face her own demons and finally let go of the shadows of her past. Mystery Thriller. Germany

Breaking, Pipo Tafel, 8 minutes, U
Breaking is a passionate dance piece that was adapted for the cinema screen. The energetic duet was shot at the Baltic sea and while it allows the mind of the viewer to drive into rhythms and movements, it reinforces the spectators’ link with ecology. Dance. Germany

Cinevita, Herald Schleicher, 12 minutes, 15
Cinevita combines several video resumes. In the beginning, there is a fictitious life journey; one assembled from Found-Footage-Material, from conception to death. Incorporated along this journey of autobiographical fragments and newly captured recordings, with which the author enters into the film world and meets protagonists. Finally the medium of the film also accompanies this life journey. From the birth of film and its pioneers to directors, who raise questions concerning the relationship between life and film, to various “The Ends” and the supposed death of film. But as is well known, in every ending resides a beginning - so: Cameras? Action? Found Footage. Germany

Recognition, Sharon Ryba-Kahn, 86 minutes, 12A
After 12 years a filmmaker is returning to Israell in search of answers. What starts as a personal journey, will turn into an intimiate portrait of surprisingly different women in a war stricken land. Documentary. Germany

Ghosts (Totes Land), Benjamin Ptohl, 29 minutes, 15
In Germany Europe’s biggest open-pit mine forces villages to yield and thousands of people to abandon their homes in order to dig for valuable lignate. A young woman lives with her mother as the last residents in one of these ghost towns and has to defend her homeland from extinction. Social Drama. Germany

Birthday Present, Guy Lichtenstein, 26 minutes, 15
“On their last night together, Clara, a young Austrian tourist, and Tomer, an Israeli student, find themselves on an unexpected search for the “morning-after pill”. Cultural and personal gaps create distance between them. Tomer and Clara try to open up to each other, but every opportunity for closeness is interrupted by the outside world. With multicultural Jerusalem as a backdrop, they are confronted with the realities of two worlds apart. Drama. Germany


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