fri 18 September



Rayna Nadeem 25 minutes 12A
With stirring and uplifting imagery reflecting our
imagined afterlife, this beautiful, contemplative film
offers fascinating insight into the workings of city of
London Cemetery and Crematorium, the largest in the
UK. Documentary London

The Beginning Of Mr. kappus
Gaston Igounet 3 minutes U
The Journey of Kappus begins with one single step
forward. Even though it is just one step, it’s the most
difficult and important step to be taken. A portrait of
everyday courage, present in every corner, but so
secretly hidden. Drama. Argentina

Gerard Freixes Ribera 3 minutes U
The heroic characters in mainstream fiction always
show individual attitudes. Here, that hero’s individualism
is taken to it’s complete extreme. Art. Spain

Houna & Manny
Jared Katsiane 10 minutes 12
Houna meets many one summer afternoon outside the
U.S. immigration office... Drama. USA

Suyen Mosely 20 minutes 12
The soul surf classic contest at Leo Carrillo state beach
in Malibu, CA is a landmark event symbolizing change
for the Black Surfing community. Documentary. USA


Apple Europe present
Final Cut Pro masterclass

An overview and live demonstration of the great new
features of New Final Cut Studio followed by a
talk by a film maker on what they have done
using FCP . We are also hoping to feature on
RED camera workflow. Expect the unexpected.
Chris Cunningham has previously appeared in
this slot. Everything you wanted to know about
Final Cut Pro, the mysteries revealed.


Jeremy Newman 1 minute 12A
In this work, the window is a reflective membrane
separating / joining a domestic interior and the forces
of nature. With lightning flash illumination, the female
figure is variously primal silhouette and mythical
goddess. Ultimately, the viewer questions whether the
woman has been awakened by the storm or is it a
nightmare. Art. USA

The Glitch
Joe Fordham 13 minutes 12A
A heavily fatigued man, who aspires to better living,
sees a stranger reflected in his bathroom mirror.
Sc-Fi Drama. USA

Haitian Fungus
Aaron Sallfertorr 12 minutes 12A
An activist experimental film concerned with the
deteriorating political, economical and social situations
in Haiti. It focuses specifically on foreign interference
in the country through sponsorship of dictator hips and
drug trafficking. Art. USA

Aysegul Guryuksel 20 minutes 12A
An extreme modernity in dysfunctional absurdities
where the broken clock points the right time twice a
day. Art. USA

Basket Bronx
Martin Rosete 14 minutes 15
Alex is a kid from the Bronx with a disability. Eve
thought his dream is to play basketball as his idol.
Drama. USA

One Man Band (El Hombre Drqvesta)
Martin Rosete & Luis Prez 6 minutes 12A
One Man Band arrives to a little village to play his
music, but he will meet a hard audience. Drama. USA

Stand Sentry
Stephen Sheffer & Meghan Hemingway 12 mins 12A
She had a comfortable 9 to 5 on the front line... until
he showed up. Both brandishing M16s that can tear a
person in half, and both dressed in formal military
attire, the soldiers prepare for battle - with each other.
Drama. USA

Jeremy Osbern 100 minutes 12
There is a rhythm to life, but what happens when that
song leaves you behind? “Air” is the story of six lost
people trying to find that rhythm again. Comedy. USA

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